Elliot Minor Interview

Thursday 16th October 2008
The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Website: http://www.elliotminor.com/

First things first, can I get you to introduce yourselves.

Dan: OK, I’m Dan, the drummer.

Ed: I’m Ed, I play the guitar and sing.

Alex: I’m Alex, I sing and play guitar.

So how’s the tour going so far for you guys?

Ed: Yeah it’s good actually; we’re on our sixth date or so.

Dan: Out of a lot.

Ed: Yeah, we’re just getting in to it.

It’s your eighth date, and you’ve got twenty two more to go.

Ed: Twenty two!?

Alex: We’ve got a new set together as well so it’s pretty cool playing that.

So is it going to be a different set every night?

Ed: Erm, well it’s pretty much the same.

Alex: We’ve got some new songs to play out on the set.

I’d love to hear some of them, that’s brilliant. So you’re all from York…

Dan: Yep.

Ed: Well, I’m from Japan.

Alex: (giggles) China!

Tell us about how you all got together and how you all met.

Alex: We all went to the same school back in York so we’ve known each other for quite some time; we actually met when we were thirteen at our secondary school and then when we finished school we all got together to form the band.

Am I right in saying this was back in 2000?

Ed: Well these guys (pointing to Dan and Alex) all knew each other when they were eight.

So when was it you actually got together as a band?

Alex: 2004 but we use to be in another band called The Academy.

Ed: Yeah and then we changed our name.

I’ve heard different reasoning as to why it was changed from The Academy to Elliot Minor, could you just clear that one up for us?

Dan: It was just because there were so many things out there called The Academy.

And Elliot Minor is more up beat.

Ed: More random.

So in 2004 you got together as a band and it’s now 2008. You hear of a lot of bands that get together and take a while to break in to the charts, but you guys have got together and have pretty much got straight out there.

Alex: Yeah I guess so, it’s pretty cool but we’re on our way down now though (jokes)

So what is it you think you’ve got compared to other bands, and why you’ve managed to do that so soon?

Ed: Well Alex wrote the songs when he was 14/15

Dan: Yeah the songs have been written for ages.

Alex: But just doing MySpace for years before we got signed and doing shows, so it didn’t actually come that quickly at all.

Ed: It doesn’t feel that quick, it feels like a long time.

According to your MySpace page, Alex you’re the song writer. Are you the main writer or do you all write songs together?

Alex: Well I do the music and we all help with the lyrics.

How do you come up with the lyrics, do you get yourself into a zone or are you influenced in any way?

Alex: I guess for us it’s the hardest thing because we have the tune and then we have to sit down and think of the lyrics, and it can be quite frustrating. But it’s just everyday life and a lot of songs are done during our school time and are quite personal. There are songs about ghosts and just weird stuff that happens.

I did read about that, was it to do with a school room or somewhere you stayed and a lot of weird things were happening?

(Something falls down in the background)

Like that…

Alex: Yeah just like that!

‘Parallel Worlds’ was your first single back in 2007 and it charted at 31, how did you feel about your first single going in at this position?

Alex: It was really exciting.

Dan: There was a massive build up to it because we spent a lot of time doing all the online stuff and all the secret parties, and just getting all our fans together.

Your second single ‘Jessica’ charted top 20 so quite a big difference from your first to second single, how did that feel?

Ed: We have a dedicated fan base.

It just makes you realise doesn’t it?

Ed: Yeah, they’re fantastic.

So you guys are produced by Jim Wurt and mixed by Neal Avron and they’ve worked with big bands such as Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Hoobastank. How does it feel to be working with producers who have worked with other top names in the industry?

Alex: It was quite intimidating when we first met Jim, but after the first meet we started getting on really well. We just learnt so much from those guys because they’re so experienced.

Dan: We put all our trust in those guys to produce a good album.

Alex: And we heard the first mix for the first album and you’re just like, ‘wow’.

You just know that you’ve got a good backbone from the start really.

Alex: Oh yeah, it definitely boosted our confidence.

Who would you say your influences are as a band?

Ed: That’s difficult because we’re all in to different things.

Alex: I think as a band probably ‘Something Corporate’ and ‘Muse’

When you’re writing your music do you try and compare yourselves to these guys?

Alex: Actually it’s mainly ‘Muse’.

As a band who would you compare yourselves to? Or any other bands out there you would say you’re similar to, or maybe you’re something completely different?

Dan: Well I’d say there are little bits of other people in it, but it’s not like our band is like someone else.

Ed: A lot of them think we sound very American, and a lot of that comes from working with Jim and Neal.

How would you describe your music?

Alex: It’s like symphonic rock.

Dan: Like pop/rock with…

Alex: With a lot of classical harmonies.

Going back to the tour, if you could tour with any band who would it be and why?

Alex: The Hot Melts.

We’re going to have three different answers here aren’t we?

Ed: Any band…

Alex: I’d say Greenday, just because they’ve been such a massive influence since we were 13/14.

You played Download Festival and on the Dimebag Darrell stage. Download is such a big festival. How did it feel to be playing at such a big event?

Alex: Really intimidating.

Ed: But really cool cause we had a good slot, late afternoon.

Dan: That was a really cool one, because the other ones like Leeds and Reading we were on the main stage and we were playing at the same time as The Killers.

Alex: So we were praying it would rain really badly so it would get called off.

What do you like the most about playing gigs?

Alex: The interaction with the fans.

So far you’ve only produced your music in the UK, do you have any plans to go over to America or try and break in to anywhere else in the world?

Alex and Ed: We produced our first album over in America.

Ed: The whole thing was done over there.

Alex: And we did, like, three tracks in Wales.

Dan (to me): Did you mean release stuff over in America?

Sorry, yes…

All: No, not yet.

Dan: We’ve only released over here in the UK and Japan.

Ed: But not the US yet.

Are you hoping to?

Ed: Definitely

Alex: But it’s such a big market.

Dan: Apparently it is very hard, but we just got back from Japan and the album was released over there and it was awesome.

Well you’ve got 4 hit singles so far and a self-titled album. What’s next for the band?

Ed: Second album and we’ve got a new single coming out early next year.

Alex: And then we’re going to skip straight to the studio.

So is there anything else we can expect from the band in the future?

Alex: I think musically it’s going to be a lot more diverse and it will probably be sounding a lot more English.

Thank you very much for your time guys, enjoy the rest of your tour and it was good to meet you.