Neon Sarcastic – Time to Smile

Friday 28th August 2009

Line Up:

John – Lead Singer
Alex – Bass Player
Bryce – Lead Guitar
Jamie – Drums
Adam – Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals

Track Listing:
1. Time for change
2. Do you remember?
3. She’s not worth it
4. Where are you now?
5. SuperDan
6. Another Friday night
7. Verbatim
8. Cheer up emo
9. Walk with me


Neon Sarcastic are a five piece, unsigned, Leicester band. The guys have been together for 2 years, and as with a lot of bands, unfortunately lost a member along the way, Jack, who the guys met in a Leicester nightclub, but was soon replaced by Alex to play bass.

When I was sent the CD along with the press release, it mentioned about them sounding like old school New Found Glory. I read no more and put on the CD.

The first thing that blew me away were the vocals, John the lead singer certainly has a talent for singing. His voice fits the style of the music perfectly. Have you ever listened to artists with unique voices such as Amy Winehouse or Bon Jovi, and then found yourself trying to sing with exactly the same voice? Well, this is what it was like for me.

I’ve seen and heard a number of Leicester bands, but don’t usually get caught up by many of them. With Neon Sarcastic I was certainly hooked by the first track called ‘Time for Change’. There’s something feel good about the beat and rhythm of their music.

The second album track, ‘Do You Remember’ is my favourite track on the album. They sing about what it was like without any cares and the fun that was had, and it’s the kind of track that if it was ever to be released on to main stream radio, I can guarantee a lot of people saying this would be their soundtrack to the summer.

“You’re finger licking good, I don’t know if I should” are the starting lyrics to ‘She’s Not Worth It’. Sound cheesy? Yes it does, but very catchy!

So, I get halfway through the album and I think to myself “why are these guys unsigned?” They’ve certainly spread their wings, playing venues such as The Shed, The Pavillion, The Charlotte, Bambu, Glastonbudget and most recently the Surface Unsigned Festival. They have a large fan base, and are already booked in for many future gigs.

OK, it was now time to find myself that one track that you can’t help but put on repeat. That track was number 6, ‘Another Friday Night’. It’s another one of those songs that makes you look back, which is also one of the things that I really like about Neon Sarcastic and their music, the lyrics are something that you can relate to – heartbreak, partying, hanging out and growing up.

I carry on listening to the rest of the album, which is very upbeat, right up until the last track, ‘Walk With Me’. It’s a bit like being at a disco and then getting to the end of the night, and feeling sad when the slow song comes on. I was sad because the album was coming to an end. I feared not, and wasted no time in putting the CD straight in to my car.

These guys have got talent and you need to check them and their music out, and you can do it right here and now by going to their website where you can also find out when they’re next playing a gig near you.