Black Stone Cherry – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

19th June 2011

Track Listing:

1. White Trash Millionaire
2. Killing Floor
3. In My Blood
4. Such A Shame
5. Won’t Let Go
6. Blame It On The Boom Boom
7. Like I Roll
8. Can’t You See
9. Let Me See You Shake
10. Stay
11. Change
12. All I’m Dreaming Of

Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry are back with their third album ‘Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’. With 80,000+ UK sales already under their belt, they are back bigger than before with their storming album being produced by double Grammy nominated Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance / Motorhead).

For me, Black Stone Cherry were a band that I knew of but hadn’t really given them a listen because I never hit any of the smart branches as I fell out the tree. Earlier in May this year I spotted through the Roadrunner Twitter page that there was a free download of ‘Blame It On The Boom Boom’ to be had. I downloaded it and I kid you not, it became one of the most played tracks in my iTunes to date.

I was lucky enough to get my rocks off at Download Festival this year too, and seeing Black Stone Cherry live was one of my highlights, and it was after track 2 of their set that I announced “I need to have their album”.

‘White Trash Millionaire’ is the current single from the band, and kick starts the album off. If you don’t know the band, or know someone that needs enlightening then I would highly recommend that you send them this track. “Count your cash and kiss my ass, the whole damn world is gonna know I’ve been here”.

Other tracks such as ‘Killing Floor’, ‘Such A Shame’, ‘Blame It On The Boom Boom’, ‘Let Me See You Shake’, and ‘Change’ are the heavier tracks on the album, which feature some nice grunting guitar work. Chris Robertson has a voice that isn’t too shabby either – really enjoy his vocals. I shall put him up on the shelf of ‘memorable voices in rock’.

The album has its fair share of rock ballads too. ‘Like I Roll’ is a track that is to be added to any driving CD, as it gives you a sense of driving down a long road, with the wind in your hair on a hot summers day. “I roll like the hills under the Californian sun, burn through the desert like a devil on the run”

Another of the slower tracks, which also happens to be one of my favourites, is ‘Stay’. The last time I listened to a rock ballad and it gave me that funny feeling inside, and felt that it was one that can be related to was Nickleback ‘Far Away’.

“If I told you I love you would it make you want to stay? I’m sorry for the way I make you feel day after day”.

Whilst at Download Festival, Black Stone Cherry announced that they would be going on tour with Alter Bridge during the autumn of this year. With them currently being one of the very few bands that have managed to prize the Alter Bridge CD out of my radio, I know that this tour is one not to be missed.