Brand New – Daisy

Sunday 15th November 2009

Line Up:

Jesse Lacey – Lead vocals and Guitar
Vincent Accardi – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Garrett Tierney – Bass
Brian Lane – Drums and Percussion
Derrick Sherman – Guitar, Keyboard and Backing Vocals

Brand New are a five piece alternative, emo, pop punk rock band from Levittown, Long Island, New York. The band formed in 2000 and their current album Daisy is their fourth to be released.

I had never heard of the band before so I was unsure what to expect when I listened to the CD, and if I was honest, I was surprised. There really is a mixed bag of tracks to be heard, and after listening to the first 4 songs I was unsure what to expect next, as there isn’t just one style of music that seems apparent.

The first track is called ‘Vices’ and the song starts off sounding as though you’re listening to a 1950’s wireless radio, and at 1 minute 30 the song actually kicks in with some loud screaming vocals. The song is only 3:23 long so just when you think the song is kicking in, it’s not long before it finishes. The chorus is very catchy, and just when I’ve got my head around the fact that I’m going to be listening to a screaming rock band, track 2 starts…

‘Bed’ is a mellow tune and I feel as though I’m listening to a mixture of The Zutons with a dash of Nirvana. It doesn’t just stop there either because when track 3 ‘At The Bottom’ starts I still feel as though there’s a Zuton’s aspect in there, but this time with a dash of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I really like this track, it has nice meaningful lyrics, not so screaming vocals and I find myself drumming along each time the chorus kicks in.

Jesse Lacey was interviewed by Kerrang about the album and he was quoted saying:

“It’s a pretty exhausting record. It’s quite dense and I think some of the decisions we made don’t always go in the most obvious direction. We were thinking a lot more about what we’d want to play when we were up onstage rather than actually what you’d want to hear on a record.” 

I feel everything that I have been thinking about the album was summed up in that quote.

As I carry on through the album I was I starting to realise that a lot of the tracks aren’t actually that long. I listen to track 6 ‘Be Gone’ which is only 1:29 long, and if I was honest is my least favourite track on the album. It sounds as though someone is strumming on an acoustic guitar whilst someone tries to sing lyrics whilst the fader is constantly being pulled up and down.