Brandon Flowers – Flamingo

Sunday 3rd October 2010

Track Listing:

1. Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas
2. Only The Young
3. Hard Enough
4. Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts
5. Playing With Fire
6. Was It Something I Said?
7. Magdalena
8. Crossfire
9. On The Floor
10. Swallow It

Being in a band as big as the Killers doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make an effort going solo, but it does mean that you can focus on your own thoughts, direction and ideas. Going solo gives you an insight to the skills and creativity of the artist and is a personal vision. This album is exactly that as Brandon wrote a number of the tracks for the next Killers album, until the rest of the band decided they wanted to take some time out.

Whilst some reviews simply just write this album out as being the Killers, it’s not. Yes you can imagine some of the tracks being performed by the band but they’re all just as good, if not better as just Brandon. There is an approach to the album that gives it a personal feeling, which I think could be down to the fact the album starts off with ‘Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas’ which is about Brandon’s hometown or maybe it’s the guest vocals from Jenny Lewis on the track ‘Hard Enough’ who was also born in the same hometown as Brandon.

The best is still yet to come for Brandon and the rest of the band so don’t go writing this album off based on the reviews you’ve read. Vocally and musically this album is perfect easy listening. You won’t go finding any anthems like ‘Mr Brightside’ but I found respect for an artist who didn’t want his talent to be on a break too.