Dear Superstar – Interview

Tuesday 1st June 2010

Line Up:

Micky Satiar – Vocals
Adam Smethurst – Lead Guitar
Benj Ashmead – Drums
Amadeus – Bass
Stew Milton – Guitar

You’ve supported bands such as Papa Roach. Bullet For My Valentine, Hanoi Rocks, but you’re now doing your own tour, how does that feel?

Micky: It’s awesome! It seems like it’s been ages, 2 years or so, since touring with Hanoi rocks and so on, but we’ve had an amazing time. It’s been both cool and endearing touring with those big bands because they’re all great people, and we’ve learnt so much off them, but now that we’re doing it on our own, it’s quite scary. The anxiety of getting it all right adds to the mystique, obviously we’re massively excited, but now the pressure is all on us! As a result though I’m as happy as a dog with…no wait! As excited as a kid in a sweet shop! And we’re down for Sonisphere in Switzerland too, which is unbelievable! It’s something of a personal achievement for me.

Your album “Heartless” was recorded with Producer Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral For My Friend, Bullet For My Valentine), can you tell me about that and how it was for you?

Micky: Yoda

Amadeus: You always say that (laughs)

Micky: Do I? Well it was pretty tough, we had to get exactly the right producer. It was do or die, and because of that we wanted to get it right. We pretty much sold cars guitars, everything to get this record done. Romesh has a great “resume” and we had a good connection with him. He’s got a huge amount of experience, and we wanted someone who was just as sick and as much of a wreck head as us!

Amadeus: We also wanted someone who was easy to get on with, and Romesh was great to work with.

Micky: It was a great partnership, we partied with him every night, and he did a great job on the album. We are very happy with the end result.

What do you think makes you different to other bands out there?

Amadeus: Ooh that’s a tough question.

Micky: It’s just “balls out rock”, you know. We’re not trying to change the world or anything. It’s certainly not orthodox, maybe a bit weird

Amadeus: People do tend to agree with the weird part! But basically we want to be able to do this for a living.

Micky: We just want to produce good music, a party, where everyone is invited. For every person who literally hates our music, you’ll find loads of people who are really into it, who like us, and I have to say, the fans are just amazing, like the best fans.

Amadeus: Some of them have even given us Mint Cake.

Micky: haha yeah, and it’s great to get that connection with people too, like you just want to meet everyone!

Amadeus: Benje is very different though

Micky: On the flipside, not many are doing “Dear Superstar” type music, it’s not something that you’ll see or hear often.

Amadeus: It’s like all of our influences in one big drunken ball.

Micky: Or 5 Manchester lads in a studio going head to head!

Tell me about where the name Dear Superstar came from!

Micky: Oh you know what, you know Bambi…

Amadeus: *put his head in his hands* That’s not even funny!

Micky: *Laughing* Yeah, ok, it actually sounded much funnier when I was thinking about that earlier! But no seriously, it’s writing your own destiny. We want to be good at what we do, we want to be “superstars”, almost a self fulfilling prophecy. We want to make it big, make a name for ourselves

Have you taken your music further than the UK?

Micky: Oh yes, we had such a great time on tour with Papa Roach and Buckcherry and getting out into mainland Europe is so different. The Scandinavians are epic, their reactions are fantastic. And we need to get out to the States too, LA. We need more money for the US though, and we have to be realistc, but we can’t afford to leave any stone unturned and that’s what it’s all about. Once we sell the old tour bus though and stuff who knows, my neighbours hate me!

Amadeus: Yeah, Van Damne does look a bit depressed!

Micky: haha yeah, doesn’t even start! Well he does, and he’s in great condition, very reliable, if anyone is interested?

Is it true you are in the process of a third album?

Micky: Yes it’s true. Every minute that we’re not on tour, we’re in the studio, working away. Even last night! We’re having a great time together as friends, and taking our time over the songs to get them right, we don’t want to rush them and produce something that’s substandard. So we’ll release it when it’s 100% ready and we’re happy with it. So far though it’s coming along really well, and sounds great.

If you could perform with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Micky: Johnny Cash, he was the first real “rock” star, you know, just to sit there and share a beer with the guy would be amazing, but sadly it’s just going to happen.

Amadeus: True, God is building one hell of a band up there at the moment.

So what is the ultimate aim for the band?

Micky: To sell Van Damne! Maybe world domination? Nah, we just want to produce good music that people enjoy, and to meet those people. I mean we don’t really measure the success by the size of our tour bus, or how much we’ve got in the bank. Doing this has a great sense of freedom to it, and it’s fantastic. Of course we want to play to packed out stadiums, who wouldn’t?

And finally, Guitar Hero, your thoughts

Amadeus: It’s a bad thing, truly awful! Doing it for real is as good as any game!

Micky: Yea, I’m **** hot at playing Tiger Woods, but utterly rubbish on a real course.