Girls Can’t Catch – Interview

16th January 2010
Zanzibar, Leicester

I’ve been reading through your bio and it seems you’ve had a lot of advice from a lot of people. What has been the best advice you’ve had and who said it?

Jess: That has to be Cheryl Cole doesn’t it?

Daizy: Yes

Jess: We spent time with them on their tour and we sat talking to her and the one thing she said was that she doesn’t read about herself, she doesn’t go on the internet and read stuff because there could be millions of positive comments but you tend to focus on the one negative one, so she said it’s best to stay away from that.

So have you kept to that?

Daizy: No, I’ve gone on and read everything and I shouldn’t.

Phoebe: It is tempting because you want to know peoples opinions.

Daizy: It’s because it’s so new and we’re starting to get that little bit of fame, which is strange, and I want to read everything.

If you weren’t doing this as a career what would you be doing instead?

Phoebe: You know what, this comes up quite a lot and I have to look at the question as if I couldn’t sing, or if I wasn’t born with a talent, but I don’t know.

Jess: Probably presenting I think, either radio or TV.

Daizy: I don’t know, but I liked writing poems at school so I’d still be creative.

Phoebe: Something to do with English.

Daizy: Either way it would still be something creative.

Phoebe: Yeah!

Who have been your role models and who has inspired you to do this as a career?

Phoebe: When I was growing up my influence was Christina Aguilera, and I know it’s a bit cliché but I can honestly relate to her songs so much, and I use to idolise that woman like there was no tomorrow.

Daizy: I’ve got an older sister who sings and she’s got an incredible big voice, and she use to listen to Mary J Blige all the time, so growing up very young it was a huge influence. She use to go to recording studios but never took it as far as I have, so that’s what made me think I want to do that.

Jess: Mine has got to be Kanye West, I’ve definaly been inspired by him from an early age.

I’ve been warned about asking you about Kanye West, because I know that once you get started you won’t stop.

Jess laughing.

I read that Phoebe is really bad at keeping new years resolutions.

Phoebe: Really, where did you read that?

Well I have both the questions, have you made any new years resolutions and have you broken them yet?

Daizy: Oh dear, oh god don’t even get me started. I spent all day going on at these girls saying that I’m not eating chocolate now, and I’m going to be healthy. We went to this restaurant tonight and there’s this most amazing dessert, and now I just feel so rubbish with myself.

Phoebe: You can just look at food and it goes out the window.

Well with that website being pretty bad on information, it also said that Daizy reads tarot cards.

Daizy: That’s true.

How on earth did that start?

Daizy: Probably through my mum, she use to read tarot cards but she doesn’t anymore, but years ago I use to watch her read cards for friends, and she is very creative and in tune and very intuitive, so I guess I just picked it up from her. I’ve always been interested in those side of things, nothing too heavy, just interested.

So you guys are on the same label as The Saturdays and Girls Aloud, and there’s quite a few girls bands out there and I was wondering what it is that you think you’ve got that’s different to everybody else.

Daizy: Now that’s a question.

Phoebe: Well, you say there’s quite a few girl bands but is there? There’s Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Sugababes, and I think if you compare us to them we are all quite different you know, I think The Saturdays are different to us, and Girls Aloud are different to The Saturdays. If another girl band came along that was the same as Girls Aloud it wouldn’t work out so we didn’t want to be exactly the same, and our music is incredibly different to theirs. It is pop but once you hear the album you will understand that it’s very different.

Daizy: That’s quite a difficult question because essentially were pop just like other girl bands, but what makes you different is time because I think its time that establishes you.

So when is the album due out?

Jess: There’s no a set date yet, but is going to be around springtime. It’s all recorded; we’re just waiting for a date.

Daizy: Hopefully followed by a tour as well.

I read that Pixie Lott and Shazney Lewis had done some writing on the new album for you guys, could you tell me a bit more about that and how you feel about it.

Jess: Oh it’s amazing, we all feel honored that they’ve written for us and actually Shazney has written two tracks for us, and the second track when we went to record she was actually there on the day and she helped us vocally. To be sat there with her giving us tips was amazing and the same for Pixie Lott, and I think the song she has written for us has to be one of our favourites on the album.