Kassidy – The Rubbergum E.P Volume 2

Wednesday 25th August 2010

Track Listing:

1. Take Another Ride
2. The Lost
3. La Revenge
4. Hover Car
5. Panic Day

Scotland has a habit of hailing musical talent and this time is no different.

Kassidy are a four piece from Glasgow and on August 16th 2010 they released their second E.P on Vertigo Records “The Rubbergum E.P Volume 2”.

With outstanding vocals and their mellow harmonies that are created solely using four acoustic guitars it is easy to see just how talented these guys are.

“Take Another Ride” is the lead track on the album and as soon as you hear it there is a feel good feeling about it. It’s almost as though you have heard it before but that could just be because they have been related to similar artists such as Mumford and Sons and Fleet Foxes. The difference being with Kassidy that they seem to have perfected the retro yet modern sound that is apparent in all tracks.

The second track “The Lost” has a folky sound to it, and although the lyrics seem slightly repetitive it’s the neat guitar work that makes this track and it’s really quite enjoyable. I would have to say that the fourth track “Hover Car” also sports that recognisable folky sound to it, yet it has futuristic lyrics about driving in a hover car. It’s very catchy and you’ll find yourself singing along even if you’ve only just heard the track. At about 2:14 in there is a soft electric guitar solo, which fits in neatly with their acoustic and harmonious sound.

“La Revenge” is more of an upbeat harmony and it gives you a chance to listen to the vocals. Everybody has their own opinions on music but I personally feel that this is what “making music” is all about – creating your own sound and using raw vocals. Listening to Kassidy really is a breath of fresh air from the electro-mixed sounds that are lingering in the charts at the moment.

Kassidy deserve to be on the stage and they have that sound to them that wouldn’t go out of place at any music festival.