Slaves To Gravity – Underwaterouterspace

Sunday 15th May 2011

Line Up:

Tommy Gleeson – Guitar & Vocals
Toshi Ogawa – Bass
Mark Verney – Lead Guitar

Audio CD

1. Good Advice
2. Honesty
3. She’s Got Big Plans
4. Unknown
5. Dumb
6. Misery Pills
7. Silence Now
8. Youth Serrated
9. Lily Liver
10. Last Ignition
11. This Time It’s Terminal
Bonus Track: Negative Pose


1. Big Red*
2. The Making Of Big Red
3. Meantime*
4. The Making Of Meantime
5. Mr Regulator*
6. The Making Of Mr Regulator
7. Doll Size*
8. Honesty
9. Silence Now

* Taken from the debut album “Scatter The Crow”

Following on from their debut album ‘Scatter The Crow’, Slaves To Gravity are back 3 years later with their latest offering “Underwaterouterspace” in the form of an awesome special expanded package, containing a CD and bonus DVD.

What initially stood out for me about this album was Tommy saying, “We’ve tried to do things that we wouldn’t have had the guts to do before. We’ve managed to take our influences and really build on top of them – we’ve ended up sounding more like the gap in our record collections than the sum total of them”.

Influences are always the big part of a bands music making process, but too many try to be an extension of them, and it’s nice to hear of a band trying to be the missing piece of the puzzle between each of those influences.

‘Good Advice’ kick starts the album, and also the adrenaline of knowing that this is going to be a cracker of an album. “Now I see the light, now I pay the price, pay for all the good advice”. Mine would be to check this track out!

If you haven’t hear of Slaves To Gravity before, and need to play a track from this album then I’d highly recommend track two ‘Honesty’. This is my favourite track on the album, and it really gets me pumped, although admittedly I’m already starting to feel like this has some generic sound to it, and I’m starting to imagine the Foo Fighters ‘Everlong’. Maybe that’s why I like this track so much?

As I continue through the album, I’m starting to find it harder to pick out that track that really stands out. I do however still find myself sitting at my desk and having a foot tap, which often wants to turn in to a slight head bang. Unfortunately this doesn’t last for too long as from track 5 “Dumb” onwards the album takes a turn and the vocals start to mellow down.

The pace picks up again from track 9 “Lily Liver”, but then we hear the rest of the album lead out on a lower tempo. As I come to the end I start to feel as though I’ve been built up at the start, but then I’m not too sure what to think as I come to the end. I love the vocals, and the lyrics are perfect, and I’m glad I’ve been introduced to this band, but I’m currently putting it down as a grower.

Tommy describes the new album as “A big step forward in every department, really. We pushed ourselves much harder as writers, performers and musicians, we really wanted to raise our game – perhaps before we settled on things, this time we were much harder on ourselves”.

The band have done great things and are making a name for themselves after winning the Best British Newcomer prize at the 2008 Kerrang! Awards. They spent 2009 touring as much as possible in the UK and America, and released their EP ‘Doll Size’ and third single ‘Mr Regulator’. 2010 saw the band touring with Lacuna Coil and Alter Bridge, and in 2011 with the release of ‘Underwaterouterspace’ are playing a number of live dates, and will be at Download Festival.