The Lieutenant of Inishmore

10th February 2010
The Curve Theatre, Leicester


Donny (Eoin McCarthy)
Davey (Patrick Moy)
Padraic (Sam Roukin)
Mareid (Amy Molloy)
Christy (Kevin Murphy)
Brendan (Joe Renton)
Joey (Calum Callaghan)

Directed by Paul Kerryson and written by Martin McDonagh.

Following on from the success of The Pillowman In 2009 at Leicester’s Curve theatre, director Paul Kerryson along with writer Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Six Shooter) bring us their latest comedy The Lieutenant of Inishmore.

Set on the island of Inishmore in Ireland there is a murder. A cat was knocked over and brutally hit in the head causing obscene injuries, but this isn’t just any cat, this is Wee Thomas.

Wee Thomas was Padraic’s cat who had been his only friend for 15 years and had been left in the care of his father Donny, who was terribly scared to learn of Wee Thomas’s death and convinced Davey to admit that it was him who ran over the cat with his push bike, when all he did was spot him on the roadside and bring him home.

News spreads fast to Davey’s sister, Mareid who threatened to shoot him. Mareid never leaves without her gun and even shot 15 cows eyes out from a distance so that they couldn’t be sold at the market.

So, why is it that Donny and Davey are so scared to tell Padraic that his beloved cat is no more? Not only was Wee Thomas his best friend, but Padraic was capable of doing just as much damage to another human. He tortured and cut off the toenails of a known drug pusher whilst being hung from their feet and even threatened to cut off their nipple.

We follow this gruesome comedy and we learn what really happened to Wee Thomas and why when Christy and his two sons Brendan and Joey come to visit Padraic as soon as he arrives home. Donny and Davey have a plan to disguise another cat as Wee Thomas, but where exactly did this other cat come from and will Padraic know the difference?

The performance is gripping; so don’t let all that gore fool you because it will guarantee to keep you laughing all the way to the end. There is nothing predictable about the show with many twists and turns to the story. The actors were impressive, and it can be said that without true Irish blood in you the accent can be hard to pull off but the accent was spot on with short vowels and raised inflection.

If you’re a cat lover beware, you may appreciate certain scenes, or you may even want to join in!