The Rocky Horror Picture Show

20th February 2010
De Montfort Hall, Leicester


Narrator (Mark Curry)
Frank ‘N’ Furter (David Bedella)
Brad (Richard Meek)
Janet (Haley Flaherty)
Eddie/Dr Scott (Nathan Amzi)
Columbia (Ceris Hine)
Usherette/Magenta (Kara Lane)
Riff-Raff (Brian McCann)
Rocky (Dominic Tribuzio
Phantom (Stuart Ellis)
Phantom (Marc Leslie)
Phantom (Charlotte Scott)
Phantom/Dance Captain (Henry Davis)
Phantom (Daniela Valvano)

Directed by Christopher Luscombe.

It’s astounding, time is fleeting… because the Rocky Horror Picture Show is only running for 6 days at Leicester, Demonfort Hall from Monday 15th – Saturday 20thFebruary 2010.

The Rocky Horror Show was released in 1975 and is an adaption of the original stage production that first started in 1973. Richard O’Brien is the author of the stage show, who you may know most famously from the 1990’s TV show Crystal Maze.

Janet and Brad have recently got engaged, and on a drive out one evening end up with a flat tyre. They decide to stop at a nearby castle to ask to use the phone where they find themselves caught up in an Annual Transylvania Convention. The party has been held to unveil Doctor Frank ‘N’ Furters latest creation ‘Rocky’ who has been created to give pleasure. Brad and Janet are invited to stay the night and are sent to separate rooms where during the evening Frank seduces them both by disguising himself as the other partner.

Meanwhile, Doctor Scott arrives looking for Eddie who was earlier killed by Frank. Doctor Scott then finds out that Frank is actually an alien who was sent from the planet Transsexual in the Transylvanian Galaxy to create a sonic transducer, which he was successful in.

The story unveils and the songs continue which is followed by everybody getting frozen, which then results in the death of Frank and Columbia and their castle blasting off.

For 37 years the Rocky Horror Show has been seen by many people, often more than once up and down the UK and it continues to be a success. Fans came in their masses, both male and female of all ages dressed in corsets, high heels, fishnet tights, wigs and make-up, and embraced the musical from start to finish. As soon as the narrator (Mark Curry) came on stage with his witty comments whilst telling the story of The Rocky Horror Show the audience were laughing, and as soon as the Time Warp started playing everyone was out of their seats and joining in. The actors did a brilliant job, because the acting, dancing and singing was spot on.

All of the songs were sung including favourites such as ‘Time Warp’, ‘Sweet Transvestite’ and ‘I Can Make You A Man’.