Twin Atlantic – Free

Wednesday 11th May 2011

Track Listing:

1. Edit Me
2. Time For You To Stand Up
3. Apocalyptic Renegade
4. Yes, I Was Drunk
5. Dreamember
6. Free
7. Crash Land
8. Make A Beast Of Myself
9. The Ghost Of Eddie
10. Serious Underground Dance Vibes
11. Eight Days
12. Wonder Sleeps Here
13. We Want Better, Man.

This has undoubtedly been one of the best albums to have blessed my ears, so far during 2011.

I first discovered Twin Atlantic in late 2009, and had the opportunity to interview Barry and Ross at Nottingham, Rock City in February 2010. I was immediately blown away by them. They are the nicest bunch of guys to interview and are very down to earth and honest, which is exactly what Barry had to say about their new album ‘Free’. “I think all great music has to be truthful and we have certainly achieved that, to one another and collectively outwards”. Sam goes on to say “This band was meant to be based on integrity, we wanted there to be a brutal honesty in the lyrics. I think we’ve done that”.

What I really like about the album is that it’s almost like an extension from their first EP ‘Vivarium’, but still has that fresh sound to it. They’ve stayed true to the originality of their music, and have produced a further brilliant 13 tracks.

The band teamed up with producer Gil Norton in the Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica, California. “We really trusted that he could help us make an honest record because he’s already achieved that with other bands like Pixies and Foo Fighters early in their careers.”

The tempo of the album varies, as ‘Edit Me’ and ‘Time For You To Stand Up’ kick off the album nicely, with lots of heavier vocals and guitars, followed by one of my favourite tracks on the album ‘Apocalyptic Renegade’. I absolutely love Sam’s voice, the accent leaves me mesmerised every single time.

‘Yes I Was Drunk’ through to ‘Free’ (the bands current single and title of the album), following through to ‘Serious Underground Dance Vibes’, sees the album mellow out, but then it’s quickly picked up again with three great tracks to thrash out the end of the album.

“Music has been dumbed down and homogenised. There are lots of people who don’t believe in it anymore. But we’ve made a record with substance,” says Sam finally. “We’re giving people something to believe in again”.