Dappy – Bad Intentions

Thursday 11th October 2012

Track Listing:

1. Me
2. No Regrets
3. Tarzan
4. All or Nothing
5. Rockstar
6. I’m Coming (Tarzan pt.2)
7. Come With Me
8. Ying Yang
9. Spaceship
10. F**k Them
11. Good Intentions
12. New Fraser Track
13. Bring It Home
14. Outro

Deluxe Album Additional Tracks:

15. No Regrets Acoustic
16. Spaceship Acoustic
17. Rockstar from Radio1 Live Lounge
18. We Will Rock You from Radio1 Live Lounge
19. Daddy with Benny Banks

Dappy has announced the release of his first solo album via Island Records on October 22nd 2012.

“Recorded over the last year, the album ‘Bad Intentions’ is an extraordinary body of work. Club smashes, are peppered with soul bearing slow jams to create a confident collection of pop brilliance.”

Dappy sold over a million albums as part of dynamite trio N-Dubz, and with the release of his lead single from his debut album ‘No Regrets’ went straight to number 1. He later went to number 2 with his collaboration with Brian May and ‘Rockstar’, but has since failed to enter the top 10 with any further singles.

The album boasts a range of styles from Dappy’s comfort of hip-hop through to dance and pop, and it’s easy to hear how Dappy has grown but is still trying to find is best style whilst testing them out.

What’s great about ‘No Regrets’ is that it was anthemic and shied away from the heavier hip-hop that we were introduced to through N-Dubz. It felt like it was leading the way for a slightly ‘pop-ier’ side of Dappy, but with a number of the album tracks laced with obscenities it certainly brings us back to show that although he’s trying to break barriers, he’ll still be going back to his roots.