Dear Superstar – Damned Religion

Thursday 19th January 2012

Track Listing:

1. Damned Religion
2. Change Yesterday
3. Last Rites
4. Our City Sleeps
5. Anthem To My Life
6. Turn To Dust
7. Sirens
8. Tomorrow
9. Glitter Just Like Gold
10. Crystallized

Hard rockers Dear Superstar are back with their second studio album ‘Damned Religion’ which is loaded with a fist thumping ten tracks to quench your sleaze metal thirst.

Mixed by legendary producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Atreyu) and produced by David Jones (better known as Johnny Rocker from Heaven’s Basement) in the band’s very own Superstar Studios, ‘Damned Religion’ combines their passion for classic hard rock with the power and bile of modern metal. It’s a dark, heavy-rock affair, dripping with swagger, anger and killer hooks.

Skipping to Our City Sleeps (track 4), which was the bands first single from the album, released in October 2011 and featuring Buckcherry guitarist Stevie D, got me right in the mood to hear what the rest of the album had in store.

Starting out with a sweet but mean guitar riff the album is booted right open with Micky and his dynamic vocals stating “I’ve got a message for your wretched souls, forget what you’ve been told”.

Not letting up we’re lead through the album with what can only be described as metal pouring through the ears. Anthem To My Life is my favourite track, and set bang slap right in the middle of the album to set you up for a slight turn in pace. Tomorrow (track 8) on the album is the slowest track on the album, but don’t worry you’re not in for a love ballad, instead a more of a ballsy love letter.

Crystallized polishes off the album tightly with some of the best guitar work from the whole album.

Damned Religion will be released on the 6th February 2012, and stands up for itself as the best album from the band yet. It’s clear that Dear Superstar are ready to show us just what they’re capable of.