Futures – Interview

Monday 5th December 2011

Line Up:

Ant West
Casey Roarty
Christian Ward
George Lindsay

2011 has been a busy year for you with numerous tour dates, including two sold out tours. How’s it all going for you guys?

It’s been a manic year for us looking back yeah. When we haven’t been writing and recording in the studio we’ve been in a van on the road and touring as much as we can around the UK. We’re halfway through our ‘Far Reaches’ tour, visiting all the towns that we’ve never had the chance to play. It’s been really good getting meet fans that haven’t been able to travel to the shows in the bigger cities.

You supported Ash on their ‘Free All Angels’ tour, how was that experience for you guys?

It was a great tour to be part of. We all grew up listening to the songs from that album, so hearing them every night was a blast from the past. It’s great to tour with a band who’ve reached such great heights but who are still down to earth and so connected with their fans.

What have been your personal highlights in Futures so far?

Being in the studio recording the album was a real highlight for me. We recorded with Gil Norton, who, for our band was the dream producer. He’s a real laugh but also made us work to get the best out of the songs. It was a pretty nuts 5 weeks, but we couldn’t be happier with the sound.

Your record ‘Start a Fire’ is available as an iTunes digital bundle with two other tracks. How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn’t heard of the band?

Of all the questions that can possibly be asked I always find this is the hardest. Ultimately we sound like a guitar band, perhaps a guitar band who’s been dragged through a room filled with some pianos and keyboards. The best advice I can give is to download the tracks and hear for you self.

Are you in the process of recording an album and when do we get to hear it?

The album is set to be released at the start a Summer 2012, if all goes well. We’re excited at the prospect of a summer release. For me there’s something really exciting about music in the summer.

Have you taken your music further than the UK?

We’re still yet to venture further than Ireland, as we had to cancel our set at the 2011’s SXSW festival due to recording commitments. We ready to see the world next year.

What’s the story behind the band and how did you all meet?

We’ve all been in bands together and apart since we’ve been 15, and some of us met at school. Casey and I used to skip lessons and sit in the school studio and write songs, and then we started a band together. Futures started 2 years ago when some of our bands disbanded, and here we are now.

You were all in previous bands before Futures and we hear of so many bands who don’t always stick with it and we think it’s great when bands such as yourselves continue to do what you love. Who has been the main inspiration for you guys?

Sometimes people ask what keeps us going, in terms of staying on in music after other bands end and disband. The only honest answer is that there’s nothing else in this world that we’d rather be doing, and we won’t settle for anything to get in the way of what we want to do. We always set our sights to the highest peak possible, and throw it all in that direction.

Can we look forward to seeing you at any festivals in 2012?

Yeah we’re in talks at the moment about festivals and touring plans for the album. This is our favourite part of the year.

What’s the ultimate aim for the band?

We want our music to be heard and appreciated around the world, and visiting as many countries as possible.