Kevin Ridley – Flying in the Face of Logic

Wednesday 29th June 2011

Track Listing:

1. Flying In The Face Of Logic (Part 1 – Flying Intro)
2. Eat The Sun
3. Angel At Harlow Green
4. De Profundis (Back Home Again)
5. The Linton Flyer
6. Good Intentions (A Young Man’s Tale)
7. Point Of Departure
8. (We All Get) Where We Want To Go
9. Still Lucid After All These Beers
10. Which Is Why (2010 mix)
11. Knotwork
12. They Dance Till Tomorrow
13. Lost For Words
14. Flying In The Face Of Logic (Part 2 – Flying Outro)

After spending 35 years in the music industry, engineering and producing for trash-metalers Venom, Forgodsake, Anathema, Pariah and Skyclad, Kevin Ridley took the opportunity to emerge from behind the mixing desk and experience the role of a player, rather than producer.

Kevin has stayed true to his musical roots and has produced what seems to be a solo continuation from his previous folk-metal band Skyclad, who he worked with for 20 years, but contains softer vocals and less of the metal.

The album contains 14 original tracks, mainly inspired by the singer’s native Northeast (England) so fittingly, it features several northern session players – notably Northumbrian pipes player Andy May, Folkworks fiddle player, Sophy Ball, and former Blitzkrieg bassist, Dave Anderson – as well as contributions from the current members of Skyclad.

With a unique yet friendly sound you find yourself listening to the album because you’re intrigued by what you’re going to hear next. I can’t put my finger on it, I neither love nor hate the album, I simply find it easy listening that I have enjoyed listening to on a warm summer evening.

Five years in the making, Ridley describes the journey of writing the album as a challenge of learning “how to fly and make my own rules”.