The Super Happy Fun Club – Go Fun Yourselves

Tuesday 13th September 2011

Line Up:

Stubhy – Lead Vocals
Brad – Guitar/Vocals
Phil – Guitar
Pat – Keyboard/Vocals
Jeremy – Bass
Chris – Drums

Track Listing:

My Life’s A Mess (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Billy The Entertainer
Partners In Crime
Light Pollution

“15 years of friendship, gigs and parties have culminated in ‘The Super Happy Fun Club’ and their infectious, triumphant new record ‘Go Fun Yourself’. Intent on having as much fun as possible, the band’s outlook on life has spilled over into their music and has contributed to the feel good, upbeat rock record that will make you want to exactly as the album title suggests… and ‘Go Fun Yourself’.”

With an intriguing album cover and a title to match it doesn’t leave much to the imagination, or so it was thought. A happy go lucky tune coming out the speakers was expected, but instead out comes a generic upbeat indie rock track. This isn’t a criticism, far from it, as it’s exactly what seems to be going down well in this generations music interests and I have no doubt that The Super Happy Fun Club will fit right in here in the UK.

Collectively it’s hard to pull each track apart. My Life’s A Mess (Yeah Yeah Yeah) opens up the album and is the strongest track, but heading through the album it feels as though each track has merged in to one, and with not so happy lyrics and a repetitive final track ‘Invincible’ it doesn’t particularly make you want to go fun yourself.

This November, the band hit the road with none other than Madina Lake for a full tour of Europe including 10 dates in the UK. Their new record ‘Go Fun Yourself’ will be released on November 7th.