Sunday 18th January 2015

Track Listing:

1. Running Out of Time
2. Burn
3. Holy War
4. 21st Century Blues
5. Orphan
6. Unknown Soldier (for Jeffery)
7. The Little Things
8. Chinatown
9. All The Tears That Shine
10. Fortune
11. Great Expectations

It was announced in 2014 by the melodic group TOTO that they were working on new material, and in 2015 that comes to us in the form of their studio album ‘XIV’; their first album since the release of ‘Falling in Between’ in 2006.  Founding member David Paich says, “The repertoire is coming together so naturally it is as though we never took a break from creating as Toto in the studio.  For the fans who have been waiting patiently and continually showing the band support and love over the last decade or so, this one’s for you.”

So for a band that collectively has an array of albums and hits under their belts what can we come to expect from them nearly 9 years later?  Well, it can be clearly heard that ‘XIV’ is an extension of what we already know and love. ‘Running Out of Time’ throws open the album with arms wide and a riff that says, “that’s right, we’re back!”

If you are a long-time fan of Toto then you will appreciate how beautifully all those hints of rock, pop, jazz, blues, and progressive come together, especially in tracks such as ‘21st Century Blues’, ‘Chinatown’, and ‘Great Expectations’. You’re in for a musical adventure for sure.

What I enjoy about this album is that you can punch your way through each track, taking in each lyric, each beat, and each riff as you go along. However, you can comfortably have it down as an easy listening album. And by that I don’t suggest that for a moment that there is anything slow about this album – far from it. With tracks like ‘Burn’, and ‘The Little Things’ adding a mellow tempo with smooth vocals, you’re in for a pleasant soft rock experience. 

TOTO are one of those bands that started out in the 1970’s and were a huge success, and still continue to bring the hits in the 00’s.  They’ve moved through the years without compromising the true roots of which their music was founded upon, but continue to grow and show us just how amazing they still are at making music.

The album will be released on the 20th March 2015, which also comes in the form of a Deluxe Edition that includes an expanding booklet featuring 3,000 words from the band with exclusive interviews, pictures, and a bonus DVD which features the documentary ‘Making Of’ the album.   If that’s not enough there is also a Box Set Edition, which includes the deluxe edition of the CD and DVD, an exclusive t-shirt, 2 LPs, poster, and lithograph.

For those of you who agree that this is a great opportunity to add to your vinyl collection, it will also be available on a 2 LP vinyl set.  It was recently reported by the BBC that in 2014 sales of vinyl were up by 65.1%, and it would be great to see Toto continuing to push these figures further.