The Brits 2015 Highlight and Winners

Thursday 26th February 2015

So, there you have it. Last night sees the 35th annual Brit Awards show, and as each year passes we’re given a night that doesn’t pass through without leaving a trail of star moments that will forever shine down in British music history. That is of course if Vine has anything to do with it, then you’re bound to end up becoming a 6-second clip, to be imprinted on to the digital timelines of the entire web-surfing universe, forever. Here are 5 moments that summed up The Brit Awards 2015 for me:


It’s not like you haven’t heard it already, but this one has clearly taken a president over the whole evening. For the first time in 20 years, Madonna made her come back to The Brits performing her new single ‘Living for Love’. She made her way to the stage in a long flowing black cape, followed by her dancers dressed as fighting bulls. As she walked up to the steps to the top of the stage you could see her fiddling to undo the cape from around her neck. However, one of the dancers yanked the cape before Madonna was able to loosen it off and pulled her backwards down the stairs. It was a heart stopping moment, but kudos to her for getting straight back up and carrying on with the set.

Kanye West

Before heading to The Brits, Kanye was spotted in Nandos taking pictures with fans. This was your early warning sign – Kanye is about to enter the building. It certainly added an edge to the evening as everybody had to be waiting for “that moment” but even as Taylor Swift picked up her award (in the same category that Beyoncé was also up for nomination) we never heard a peep. Maybe he was backstage checking on the flame throwers for his performance. Now that was a sore point. Kanye performed his new song ‘All Day’ which ITV highly censored due to the amount of bad language; and the shocked looks on the faces of Taylor Swift and Lionel Richie said it all. Is anybody really sure why Kanye was invited to perform at The Brits? My guess would be that it was a status thing to pull in the viewers, it certainly wasn’t for the show value.

Ant and Dec

Presenting at The Brits for the first time in 14 years, the duo opened up the show by taking us through the busy kitchens backstage, and cheekily ordering around the likes of Marco Pierre White and Paloma Faith. The duo kept us entertained through the night by hiding under tables with champagne, putting a tie on Simon Cowell, failing to get a selfie live on stage with Kim Kardashian, and then relaying Sam Smith’s helpful tip of getting dumped for successful music to James Bay. They also introduced us to the bingo picker that seemingly chose the names of those who were to present awards. Although a gimmick, it led to a seamless comment from Dec about how it was used to pick the likes of Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood back in 1989.

Taylor Swift and Paloma Faith

Both ladies were awarded their first ever Brit Award tonight, and they were both completely humbled by it. Paloma Faith apologised that she would be giving a long speech, but she might not ever find herself back up there again and wanted to make the most of it. Talking about the early days before she was signed, fly-posting was the way forward in getting people to shows so her music could be heard, but it also ended up getting her arrested by Hackney Police too. To this she announced that her award went to all the hard working grafters out there.

Taylor Swift also won her first Brit Award for International Female Solo Artist. She announced that she has been coming to England and playing shows for 8 years, and she wouldn’t be up there without one of her best friends (Ed Sheeran) who took her to pubs and showed her how to make a cup of tea. It has to be said that she has done extrememly well for herself over the years, starting out as a country bumpkin to then moulding herself in to a pop chart dominator, she is now one of the world’s biggest selling artists.

Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran

Looking at the nominations ahead of the evening, it looked as though there would be a battle on our hands between Sam and Ed as they were both up for a handful of awards each. However, they both came away with 2 awards. You can’t say any fairer than that as they are two deserving artists who have had a highly successful 2014. Ed Sheeran had the biggest selling album of the year with ‘X’ as well as being the most streamed musician, whilst Sam Smith was the only artists of 2014 to sell over a million copies of his album in the UK and US.


British Male Solo Artist – Ed Sheeran
British Female Solo Artist – Paloma Faith
British Group – Royal Blood
British Breakthrough Act – Sam Smith
British Single – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
British Album of the Year – Ed Sheeran – X
British Artist Video of the Year – One Direction – You and I
Global Success Award – Sam Smith
International Male Solo Artist – Pharrell Williams
International Female Solo Artist – Taylor Swift
International Group – Foo Fighters
Critics Choice Award – James Bay