The Mirror Trap – Silent Men EP

Friday 27th March 2015

Line Up:

Gary Moore – Vocals
Paul Markie – Guitar
Mikey McFarlane – Guitar
Paul Reilly – Drums
Ben Doherty – Bass

Track Listing:

1. Little Ease
2. Killing Time
3. Silent Men
4. Afterdark
5. American Dreams

‘Silent Men’ is the latest self-produced EP from unsigned Dundee rockers, The Mirror Trap, which is set for release on Monday 13th April 2015 on their own founded record label ‘A Happy Death Recordings’.

Fresh from their 20-date tour with Placebo, these guys have continued to generate a wave of fans whilst showing the crowds exactly what they’re all about.  Brian Molko of Placebo has been a big fan of the band since he first saw them perform at a small venue in Dundee, and has been enjoying introducing The Mirror Trap as their support act on each night of the tour.  Having been together and recording music for a number of years now, the EP will gives us a taste of what to expect ready for the release of their full album later in the year.

From the outset it’s noticeable that the EP is full of those pent-up emotions and feelings of frustration that come from society today.  Speaking about their opening track ‘Little Ease’, front man Gary Moore was quoted saying “I read an article online last year about the government being more like the colonial leaders of days gone by, instead of being the modern representatives of the people they claim to be. They are bloated, rubber skinned Lords, Etonian circle-jerk millionaires born and raised to rule, with no clue what it means to be a real citizen. I want nothing to do with them”.

‘Little Ease’ has been described by the band as a chaotic song, which can easily be agreed with as it fleets from an expressive start, through to shouting with a thrashing end. The lyrics tell us that they want the freedom to stand up but can’t find a way to punch through the walls.

It isn’t just politics and society that are at the forefront of their lyrical content, but life as an emotional bundle. ‘Killing Time’ softens the blow of introducing a love song on to the EP, but it’s more of a track about having the time to do those things we love and enjoy the most, but find our minds clouded over by daily concerns. As Gary tells us himself “the tragedy of our lives is that we don’t get to spend enough time doing those things that remind us all that we’re human”.

The EP speaks out and delivers as the anthemic voice of society. What’s so fascinating is how each track relates to a moment in life that really makes you stop and think; it’s those moments outside of the media that are fed to us on a daily basis that give you your own slice of realisation. ‘Silent Men’ is about being the breadwinner in the household, spending years at the same job providing for your families and then loosing it all; only to be tarnished with the same “jobless layabouts” brush.

There are no two tracks that are the same, and if this is just an introduction of what’s to come then the full album stands up to be extremely promising. American Dream finished off the EP and has ‘wanting to be performed live’ stamped all over it. With fans already raving over their live performances, this has to be a winner at gigs.