Falling With Style – Lost and Found

Tuesday 31st March 2015

Line Up:

Lucas Woodland – Vocals
Scott Carey – Guitar / Vocals
Ryan James – Lead Guitar
Ben Elliott – Bass
Thom Pike – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Pilot
2. Half Measures
3. Deathbeds
4. S05E14
5. Paper Thin
6. Solace & Safety
7. Daylight

Falling With Style are a post-hardcore five piece hailing from South Wales, and on March 30th they’re set to release their mini album ‘Lost and Found’.

Before playing the album, it’s advised that you prepare to do nothing more than just listen; go in with a completely blank mind. As you listen, curiosity unfolds and you find yourself thinking “this sounds familiar” but you can’t quite put your finger on it. ‘Pilot’ is an instrumental opener to the mini album, and before I could push on through I had to churn through my own iTunes library to find what I thought I was hearing. Then it hit me – Alter Bridge. You would have to agree with me that ‘Pilot’ sounds very similar to the start of ‘Broken Wings’, and there’s something quite fascinating about that.

If you take the likes of bands such as Lower Than Atlantis, Funeral For A Friend, You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, Fightstar, and hints of Bring Me The Horizon, mix them all together and what comes out is Falling With Style. And then some. These guys already sound as though they’ve been round the block, their sound is captivating and anthemic, and lyrically it feels tight. Each member of the band is under the age of 20 and it’s surprising because the album sounds much more than the rough cut you’d expect from a younger band.

‘Half Measures’ is the second track and also the first to be released from the mini album. It’s catchy, packs a riff, and the screams could give Oliver Sykes a run for his money; it certainly showcases what the band is capable of. The lyrics are all about “never regretting the mistakes you make, as they are lessons learnt along the way and have lead you to where you are today” which is often something of a mantra amongst bands of the current generation; something to be looked up to.

S05E14 slows things down, lowers the tempo, adds some reverb, and the vocals become tinny. Not a bad little track that’s less than 2 minutes in length, although given how hectic the rest of the album is, it’s probably a welcome cool-down during a live set.

It’s not long again before we’re thrown back in to the heavier sounds and the album finishes on the high note that it started on. It continues as very much more of the same, but for an introduction to a band it bodes well. Bassist, Ryan has recently become a PRS supported artist, and the band have already earnt themselves a slot at Download Festival back in 2013, toured with the likes of Lower Than Atlantis and Kids In Glass Houses, and been published in Rock Sound, so it sounds as though these guys are seemingly on their way.