I The Mighty – Interview

Wednesday 15th April 2015

Answers by vocalist and guitarist, Brent Walsh:

For anyone who hasn’t heard of I The Mighty, how would you describe your music and what you’re all about?

Somebody told me tonight actually that we created a new genre called indie/core… Perhaps he’s not too far off. We’re a band focused on melody and meaningful lyrics with some occasional heavier riffage thrown in.

Talk to me about your new album ‘Connector’ and what we can expect from it.

If you’re familiar with our prior material, I would tell you it’s sonically like our most recent record Satori and our two prior EPs had a baby. It’s got a little more pop influence like our earlier work, but some more in your face riffage from our most recent efforts.

If you haven’t heard of us before… I’d say you’ll hear touches of Thrice, Pierce The Veil, Circa Survive and Bayside. Or so I’m told…

When you recorded the album you said that you didn’t have a particular goal in mind, but what are you hoping to showcase and do you think you’ve achieved that?

I think we’re always just hoping to showcase ourselves as songwriters. We try to focus on what’s going to make the best song or group of songs and not what’s going to be “in” right now. A good song is timeless. We’ve always tried very hard to write what’s genuine and meaningful to us, or at the least something we all would want to listen to if we were on the outside looking in.

‘Playing Catch With .22’ is the first release from the album. It’s very catchy and makes you want to hear more from the album.  Is this the idea behind why it was chosen first, or is there more to it?

We chose ‘Playing Catch…’ for its catchiness yes, but mostly because it was a different look than any of our singles off of Satori. We wanted people to see that we are evolving and that it’s not going to be the same as any of our prior works. We’re extremely proud of this new record and as these final mixing stages and art proofs are coming together we only get more and more happy with it.

How do you work together with the writing and recording process, and is there any inspiration in particular that you draw from?

We all write individually for the most part and bring ideas to each other to hash out. We’ll get in a room together and just throw around riffs and melodies and see what sticks. It’s a very fun and organic process.

Brent, you released your own solo album last year.  How was the process for you, as you were recording and performing music with the band too?

The process was a bit strange. I recorded the record over the span of almost a year as it was between a lot of I the Mighty tours and other writing. Much of the material was so old already, I kind of had the mentality of: “Well, I’ve waited 7 years to record some of these songs, what’s another couple of months.” The experience however was fantastic and I think you can tell in the recordings that we took our time with the whole process and wanted to do it right.

You’re currently on tour in the US with Enter Shikari, and I’m sure there’s a lot to tell.  What’s been the best thing about the tour so far?

Two things stick out in my head. The first is simply the people on the tour…we’re out with our best buddies A Lot Like Birds who we did our first ever full US tour with three years ago and that’s been a blast. The Stray guys are awesome and the Shikari guys are the sweetest dudes in the world. It’s been fun getting to know them and listening to their sweet accents.

The second is how much fun it’s been to see the crowds specifically there for us growing. There have been shows on this tour that have been very humbling for us. Tonight for instance in St. Louis…the last time we played here was for maybe 30 kids, 15 of which were fans. Tonight we had an awesome group of people moshing and going nuts and singing every word… It’s been reassuring to be able to actually see and measure the growth over the last few years.

When can we catch you guys on tour over this side of the pond?

We’re hoping to hit the UK this year actually! Nothing is booked as of now, but it’s the last piece of our touring schedule for the year that we want to button up. We’ve been so close to going so many times now, I’m sick of the tease. I want to order some warm beer in a bar and play the song “Who let the Yankees in the chip shop?” – by my buddies ‘The Matches’ – on my phone as loud as I can.

What’s the ultimate aim for the band, and how do you see yourself developing?

I see us continuing to do what we’ve always done. Put out music we love that’s true to us, tour as much as possible on as many continents as possible and continue to grow this very beautiful and cult little fan base we’ve been cultivating for nearly seven years now.