I The Mighty – Connector

Thursday 28th May 2015

Track Listing:

1. An Epilogue as a Prologue
2. Lady of Death
3. The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray
4. Psychomachia
5. Adrift
6. Slow Dancing Forever
7. Friends (feat. Max Bemis)
8. Playing Catch With .22
9. Andrew’s Song
10. The Hounds and the Fox
11. (No) Faith in Fate
12. The Frame I Betrayal in the Watchtower

Line Up:

Brent Walsh
Ian Pedigo
Chris Hinkley
Blake Dahlinger

I The Mighty have announced the release of their second studio album ‘Connector’ which will be available from June 2nd 2015. The first track to be premiered from the new album was ‘Playing Catch With .22’, for which the video was entirely filmed using a drone. How many videos can you say have been filmed using a drone? Not many, which is why with the video and song fused together it’s given that unique feel the band were aiming for.

The second single to be announced from the forthcoming album is ‘Friends’ which features Max Bemis from the band Say Anything. For the fans this has to be a major collaboration, as well as both artists currently raving about it over their social networks like grinning Cheshire cats. And rightly so; the track is nothing short of a mash up of rock and rising vocals, with a hook that tells a story about heartbreak. During the first 30 seconds, there are also elements that can be compared to the likes of Linkin Park. Listen to it and you’ll understand exactly what I’m getting at.

Speaking to Brent recently, I asked him what we could expect from the new album, to which he said “it’s sonically like our most recent record Satori and our two prior EPs had a baby. It’s got a little more pop influence like our earlier work, but some more in your face riffage from our most recent efforts.”

So if you’re familiar with their previous album ‘Satori’ which has already been a huge success then you’re looking at a more matured version with ‘Connector’. This doesn’t mean major changes for the band, because what is so admirable about them is that first and foremost they enjoy making music and performing. They stay true to themselves by putting out records that they love and enjoy, which is why with ‘Connector’ that you’re going to get elements of pop, rock, and heavy music all mixed in together; and it really works. Speaking about the record, Brent says “We never sat down and had the talk about, ‘What type of record do we want to make? What direction do we want to take this band?’ To be honest, we never have. We simply wrote a bunch of songs, picked our favorites and made the record we wanted to make.”

Heavier tracks on the album come in the forms of ‘Lady of Death’, ‘Psychomachia’ and ‘Adrift’. The album was produced by Mike Green who has worked with bands such as Pierce The Veil, who I The Mighty has already been likened to, and other artists such as All Time Low and Paramore. ‘Adrift’ has been penned as my favourite track on the album, and when the chorus kicks in I’m starting to think has a touch of Paramore ‘Ain’t It Fun’ to it. With these tracks you can expect plenty of riffs and lots more shouty vocals, whereas your softer rock tracks can be found in ‘The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray’, ‘Andrew’s Song’ and ‘The Hound and the Fox’. The pop tones creep in on track ‘(No) Faith in Fate’, and ‘Slow Dancing Forever’ has more of a dance vibe to it.

I The Mighty have already made a name for themselves over in the States, and have been on tour with bands such as Say Anything, Coheed & Cambria, Eisley, and most recently a 2-month tour with Enter Shikari. Speaking with Brent I was keen to find out when we can catch them over in the UK, to which he said it was “the last piece of our touring schedule for the year that we want to button up”. With the announcement of their headline tour starting in June on their Facebook page, here’s hoping that they’ll be gracing stages over here in the UK very soon.

‘Connector’ is currently being streamed in full over on Fuse.  Listen here: