The Mirror Trap stream their EP in full

Friday 29th May 2015

The Mirror Trap are streaming their new EP in full today on Soundcloud and also released a new video, shot on tour with Placebo last month, for title track, ‘Silent Men’. This popular anthem is a personal story about a man who lost his job, his social standing, his authority as the head of his family, and ultimately his pride, explained here by frontman Gary Moore:

“If you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper you will more than likely be met with story about how immigrants and the lazy unemployed are a curse on the nation. With ‘Silent Men’ I wanted to write something that went against this rhetoric. Men like him are out there in vast numbers, they are the opposite of the “free-loading jobless layabouts” that we so often hear about, but no one ever speaks about them. If no one else was going to do it then I thought I might as well.”

Having reviewed the EP last month, it’s one that I’m highly rating, so head over this way to give it a listen on SoundCloud:

You can also view their new video ‘Silent Men’ on YouTube: