Sunday 20th September 2015

Line Up:

Nathan Gray – Vocals
Chad Istvan – Guitar/Vocals
Josh Latshaw – Guitar/Screams
Robert Ehrenbrand – Bass
Chris Rakus – Bass

Track Listing:

1. Savage Blood
2. Cutting Room Floor
3. Don’t Panic
4. Ordinary Lives
5. One Match
6. The Filth is Rising
7. Torches to Paradise
8. Coward
9. Heaven Knows
10. Fall From Grace
11. Dig Your Grave
12. Breath In, Bleed Out
13. Bled Dry

Hailing from Delaware and formed back in 1994, Boysetsfire are ready to release their self-titled, sixth studio album via their own End Hits Records on the 25th September 2015.

What stands out about this album is the energy it cascades, with a hard-core sound that is true to them, and is a clear push towards the roots upon the foundations of which the band was built.

‘Cutting Room Floor’, the first track to be revealed from their forthcoming eponymous record, was premiered on one of their legion of fans’ personal Facebook pages, taking the music back to the masses and keeping the band close to their followers. There is a good reason why the new album is self-titled. It is the final result of a fight for freedom that lasted years and a reawakening of all the strengths within the band, combined with the power of the close bonds between its members. The focus is on their own abilities, something that was not always easy for frontman Nathan Gray, Chad Istvan, Joshua Latshaw, Chris Rakus and their German bassist Robert Ehrenbrand.

As you’re carried through, the album is a powerhouse of raw and gutsy sounds, with tracks ‘Don’t Panic’ and ‘Ordinary Lives’ providing melodic lyrics, whilst ‘One Match’ rouses emotions as the anthemic lever of the album. If it’s riff-ripping screams that you’re after then ‘Coward’, ‘Dig Your Grave’, and ‘Bled Dry’ is where you’ll be heading.

The captivating euphoria that has been building around the band from for years has been channelled into thirteen songs that contrast with the rage of the previous album, with rousing optimism seeping from every pore. You could say that the eponymous album is the light-hearted sister of the brooding ‘While A Nation Sleeps’.

Talk about kicking ass. This album is impassioned, it’s pulse inducing and will kick-start your hard core heart from its slumber. With the confidence and possession of their abilities, Boysetsfire continue to maintain the strongest of relationships with their fans and hold their own with their inveterate talents. With a band so humble, they’re extremely deserving of the chart reward that’s surely set to follow.

Check out ‘One Match’ the latest single to be released from the album over on YouTube: