Charlotte Carpenter streams raw track ‘Wasted’

Sunday 20th September 2015

Stories are only as good as the person telling them, and when that person is an exceptionally talented musician with an innate ability to articulate and illustrate, the stories can take on a life of their own. Charlotte Carpenter is a young guitarist and songwriter of rare calibre. The Fault Line EP released 13th November via her own label Let It Go makes something intimate yet rousing, while detailing real life stories and situations,

The first track to be heard on the EP is ‘Wasted’, which you can listen to now on SoundCloud. Perhaps the most personal track on the EP, ‘Wasted’ references the experience of trusting someone you shouldn’t. Musically it’s an abrasive, reverb drenched blues-inspired stomper, which keeps building and building.

The opening track ‘Break’ is an Americana tinged track that belies Charlotte’s age, with its lyrics referencing the fear of loving someone so much that your actions will ruin it. ‘Meantime’ is a familiar story to many young people struggling to pay their rent, working jobs they don’t enjoy in order to survive, yet not knowing how to improve their situation.

The EP’s closing track ‘Sometimes The Blues’ is a heartfelt, slow burning track, written after a friend of hers came to see her perform live. “After the show, he said to me ‘I do wonder what goes on inside your mind’ in reference to the majority of my songs being quite sad”, Charlotte says. “It made me wonder If I chose to write in a particular way, and I couldn’t justify it. I came to the conclusion perhaps the songs and the emotions I’ve felt have sometimes chosen me instead”

Charlotte Carpenter has previous self-released four EPs and toured the country as much as she possibly can. She recently came off a tour with Marika Hackman and has also played alongside George Ezra and Ethan Johns. Charlotte has also seen early support from Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music and Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1.

Listen to ‘Wasted’ over on SoundCloud: