Dinosaur Pile-Up stream new track ‘Red and Purple’

Saturday 3rd October 2015

Following on from the two thunderously powerful singles Dinosaur Pile-Up have already released from forthcoming third album ‘Eleven Eleven’, they’re now streaming another brand new cut from the record in the form of ‘Red and Purple’

“Red and Purple originally started out as just the intro and a few verse chords. It was called Black Coffee for a long time because I guess I must’ve been drinking that when I wrote it,” explains vocalist / guitarist Matt Bigland. “Which means there’s a high chance that I was sat in my pants at my desk on the wrong side of some earth-shattering come down, or it was a Sunday. After it was called Black Coffee it was called Ups And Downs for a long time. We’d screw around with it in rehearsal until one time, just before tour, I busted out the riff in the middle and instantly knew it had to be on the next record. It’s about feeling weird and on the outside of everything. It’s about super bad mood swings and like you can’t fit in with everybody else. I imagined that I was crazy scrawling on the floor in red pens or some shit, and that if there was a God they would be A-OK with me being a dick sometimes. The end.”

Listen to ‘Red and Purple’ over on Soundcloud here: