Chastity stream ‘You’re Scary Now’

Monday 9th November 2015

Having recently unveiled the video to the acerbic and biting ‘Saliva’, Canada’s Chastity stream the reverb drenched ‘You’re Scary Now’.

Chastity’s Brandon Williams says: “‘You’re Scary Now’, ‘Manning Hill’ and one other were recorded in a few hours. I just wanted to get demos, like references. When I had them back, I showed them to some friends, and I think they were the ones to decide against them being called just demos”.

Chastity began in the sprawling suburbs of Whitby, Ontario, which are home to both rundown trailer-parks and luxury homes. The contradiction saw Brandon Williams write the tracks which make up their debut EP Tape, released November 13th 2015 via Hand Drawn Dracula.

Stream ‘You’re Scary Now’ over on SoundCloud: