Hindsights releasd new single ‘Wither’ for free download

Monday 23rd November 2015

Hindsights have made their first single since becoming a five-piece ‘Wither’ available for free download ahead of a six-date run of UK shows with Apologies, I Have None. The typically-brooding track “is a summary of living with things I’ve done that are out of character throughout this year,” admits vocalist Benio Baumgart. “Everyone has the potential to have a Jekyll & Hyde-like personality, which can catch you off guard, and coming to terms with that can be difficult. So this is me, coming to terms with it.”

One of the first opportunities to see Hindsights with their new line-up will be a clutch of dates this month with Apologies, I Have None. Hindsights released their debut album ‘Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes’ at the start of 2015 via Beach Community and the year that’s followed has been full of activity on the live front with the band heading out on tour with the likes of Prawn, Milk Teeth and Crooks, as well as playing shows with Crime In Stereo, Make Do And Mend, Pianos Become The Teeth, Creeper and Blitz Kids.

Free download available here:

Check out the music video here: