Clear The Auditorium – Interview

Thursday 26th November 2015

Answers by Taf Richards, Vocals:

You guys have certainly got something interesting going on, and your new single ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ really made me sit up and listen.  Tell me about how it started for you guys, and how you all met.

Well, the journey of this band has been an interesting one. The original incarnation of CTA started in High School, when people in the area were beginning to form bands and Pop Punk was the “in thing” at the time. One day we were sat listening to Pendulum and came up with the idea to do something that nobody in our local area was doing. Back then our lineup was unrecognisable, we had a different singer (Taf, the current singer, was on keyboards only). Since the original formation we’ve had more lineup changes than we care to count!

With such an eclectic taste in music and a wide scope of influences, how easy was it to find members to form a band with the same interests?

Originally the band came together easily through some high school friends, but as lineup changes have happened it’s always been tricky to find people who are interested in trying what we do, it’s still a little bit “out there” for many peoples tastes. Unfortunately we recently lost our guitarist and bassist to the same problem, they had their own musical ideas and wanted to peruse them; which is totally fine! But has left us in the position of once again trying to find people interested in what we do.

What’s the music scene like in Wales, and how responsive are you finding the audience to your music?

We’ve had some fantastic support so far, we sold out our last EP launch show and we have a pretty loyal following! The music scene in Wales is very tight, everyone knows and supports each other. It’s a great community.

Talk to me about your writing process and how it all comes together. Your theatrical influences clearly play a huge part in your lyrics, but who are the masterminds behind the lyrical content, and aside from the Fallout franchise, what else inspires you to write?

I (Taf, vocals) write all the lyrics and plan the stories behind our releases. When I write I like to have a clear story in my head to follow, it helps me know the direction I’m going to go when I write the lyrics. As well as that, the “stories” in our songs will often have metaphorical meanings relating to our real lives and experiences.

You’ve recently gone through some line-up changes.  Although not a pleasant experience for any band, do you feel this will now help to push the band further forward?

When we lost our last guitarist and bassist, rather than deterring us it actually gave us the drive that led us to writing Dead Behind The Eyes. It made us think, “right, we’re in a pretty bad situation here, we need to do something special.” We hope the release of this single may bring in some interest and help us find some new members who can bring something fresh to the band.

‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ will be released on November 29th, but what have you got planned following this in terms of your next EP/album release?

We have a few demos floating around, plus another finished track that we recorded at the same time as Dead Behind The Eyes. There may be an EP on the horizon!

You’ve supported acts on tour and had airtime on local radio stations, but how far have you taken your music?

In terms of playing live, I think the furthest afield we’ve gone is Bristol. We haven’t ventured away from our home turf much, but there’s nothing we’d love more than to tour and spread our music as much as possible. However, thanks to the good old internet we have fans stretching as far as the USA, among other places!

I think you guys have the right sound and ambition to be performing on Introducing stages; you have that something ‘different’ that makes you stand out.  Being in an unsigned band around daily life can be a hard task to juggle, but how do you see yourselves progressing?

We would LOVE to be playing festivals some day soon! I think we’re just going to see where this release takes us, hopefully it’ll have the reaction we want for it!

Finally, if you were invited to perform in the BBC Live Lounge, which track would you cover and why?

Good question! Probably something funny, we tend not to take ourselves too seriously. We once covered Earthquake by Labrinth, and Alone by Falling in Reverse! Who knows!