New single ‘Nyabinghi’ from The Assist

Thursday 17th March 2016

Alterntive Indie with a dash of Reggae, that’s how I’d describe ‘Nyabinghi’, the trancing and parading new track from The Assist.  Vocally, I’m hearing remnants of Jamie T and the Arctic Monkeys, which really piques my interest.  There’s certainly a feel good vibe about the track, and the four-piece have already been picked up as one’s to watch by the BBC Introducing platform.  The band have also been out on tour with the likes of The 1975, JAWS, and Happy Mondays, and having performed at a handful of local festivals last year, here’s hoping they get snapped up for a few more stages this Summer.

Does anyone have any idea what ‘Nayabinghi’ means? Answers on a postcard please… well, actually, a quick snoop of their Facebook page reveals that it is a rastafarian tribe who spread love and don’t believe in violence.  Could there be any more reason to feel the love for this band?

You can listen to ‘Nyabinghi’ on SoundCloud right now, but let’s have a music video soon though please lads!

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