Amaryllis – Nova Initium

Friday 29th April 2016

Line Up:

Sante Moonie – Vocals
Alex Whiteford – Guitar
Stewart Whiteford – Bass
Michael Mann – Drums

Track Listing:

2. Hold On
3. Basement
4. All We Have
5. Nova
6. Initium
7. Drown
8. Rain

Amaryllis are back with their third studio album “Nova Initium”, which is due for release on the 13th May 2016. Their previous release “Revolt” saw them hitting over 10,000 downloads, and now the band are hoping to push further forward with “Nova Initium” (which is Latin for ‘new beginnings’).

And why wouldn’t they? They’ve already accrued a huge fan base, made a name for themselves on the London music scene; and have recently sold out their album launch show to boot.

The album is what I like to call honest and true. It showcases their musical talent and astounding vocals, without the need to lace it over with the likes of auto-tune or too much reverb.  The purity of listening to an album from a band who have stayed true to their talents is something special, and it really shines through in this release. “Rain” is a good example of this, which is one of the more mellow acoustic tracks on the album, with a great hook to lead it out.

Musically the album is tight and well-polished together.  Tracks such as “Basement” and “All We Have” bring out those pop-rock elements, with “Drown”, “Initium” and “Thorn” showcasing those heavier alt-rock sounds. What Amaryllis have done here, is take a genre and turn it into something of their own, something more interesting.

“We feel with everything we write, naturally we want it to always be better than what we last wrote. No one wants to hear the same thing twice. Compared to our last two EP’s, this new record shows exactly that. We spent more time on creating exactly how we wanted to sound and its listeners can expect a much more mature and developed Amaryllis sound.” explains front woman Sante Moonie.

Pre-Order “Nova Initium” here to get an instant download of “Thorn”.

Tour Dates:

30th April – London, The Garage (‘Nova Initium’ Launch Show)
1st May – Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
20th  May – B2, Norwich
21st May – Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham
22nd May – Leeds, Milo Bar
4th June – Camden Rocks Festival

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