Busted release new free song for fans

Thursday 5th May 2016

It’s the one reunion that we all felt certain would never happen, or at least until the Year 3000.  ‘Charlie Simpson’ decided to leave ‘Busted’ in 2005 to pursue his own musical ventures, in the form of new band ‘Fightstar’, and then a solo career; which also pushed band members ‘Matt Willis’ and ‘James Bourne’ to take their careers in other directions too.

Talking about his departure from the band, Charlie was quoted in an interview with Kerrang! in 2009 saying ““It was a real fun thing to be doing, and I got on well with everyone I was doing it with, but on the other side, the music wasn’t really fulfilling me. I have good memories of the time, because we were travelling the world and doing some amazing things, but then as far as self-fulfilment goes, it wasn’t really doing a lot for me, so I have these mixed views when I look back. But there’s no doubt that it was an amazing thing to do.”

Charlie has since continued to state over the years that he would not be joining the band, and had no interest in any future ventures together, but wished them all the best of luck.  In 2014, fellow pop band ‘McFly’ went out on their 10th anniversary tour, where Matt and James joined the band to perform a handful of hits.  This was then followed by both bands announcing a tour and album together as ‘McBusted’ which Charlie confirmed he still would not be joining.

However, in 2015 there was further speculation that Charlie was due to re-join the band, which was then officially announced in the November, and that they would all be returning together to produce their 3rd studio album and head out on a comeback tour.  The tour would be called “Pigs Can Fly” which summed up how the band felt about recording music together, something they never expected to be doing again.

Being asked about the decision to change his mind, Charlie said “I reckon I said it so many times, privately and publicly, and I meant it every single time. But as I say I have changed my mind and that has been down to the circumstances changing. I never thought we would get to a point where we were in a studio writing music we all got behind creatively and that was a huge shock to me.”

In celebration of the upcoming tour, the band are giving away a brand new free track called “Coming Home” via their website, which can be downloaded here.

James Bourne says “After 12 long years it feels great to say, here is a brand new Busted song! We wanted to give this away free to the fans as a gift for supporting us all these years. We can’t wait to play it live in the arenas and hear them singing along.”

There are currently still a handful of tickets available for the tour, so head over here to purchase yours.

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