Wheatus – Gig Review

Friday 6th May 2016
The Cookie, Leicester

Last night saw over 300 Wheatus fans packed in to one of my favourite local music venues in Leicester, The Cookie.  Heading out on a 26-date tour, before joining Busted as the support act for their upcoming tour in June, the evening saw Wheatus playing a sold out show on their first night.  Tickets sold out within a matter of minutes, and crowds were hyped to be seeing their pop-rock favourites and taking a step back in time to their youth.

At least that’s exactly what the night was all about for me and my friends.  Me and my best friend in particular saw the evening as staple in our history, after she introduced me to the band nearly 16 years ago.  Having copied the band’s first self-titled album on to cassette for me, it was all we listened to on the walk to school for months, and now all these years later we were finally getting to see Wheatus perform live.

With the venue packed full to the brim, and temperatures above tropical, the band came out and performed an intimate session, asking crowds what they wanted to be played. ‘Truffles’ opened up the evening, followed by a number of tracks from the first album, including fan favourites ‘Leory’, ‘Wanna Be Gangster’, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘A Little Respect’ to name a few.  We were also treated to a couple of new tracks from upcoming studio album number 7 (yes, Wheatus have recorded more than just ‘that’ song!).

There were a couple of surprises during the night, starting with the band’s cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’.  For anyone who didn’t have a good view of the stage might have assumed that Taylor had just walked on and performed it herself.  However, it was in fact front man Brendan singing the whole song perfectly down each exact note.  If anyone managed to capture it on video, get in touch and I’ll include it here. Seeing really is believing.

For anyone who is familiar with the bands more recent material will know the track ‘Only You’.  This is where Leicester nearly lost their minds, as Josh Devine and Sandy Beales joined Wheatus on stage to perform the track.  Both Josh and Sandy collaborated with the band on the track, but are also famously known as being the Drummer (Josh) and Bass Guitarist (Sandy) for One Direction.

The evening was of course played out with ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, and all the crowds sang along in unison hitting the high notes.  Whether fans came to the gig only knowing the one track, or to relive a little bit of their musical youth, fans surely left with a feeling of renewed enthusiasm, and I can’t imagine anyone spinning anything else for the next few days.

Wheatus Tour Poster

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