As Sirens Fall – The Hospital Party

Saturday 18th June 2016

Track Listing:Screen shot 2016-06-18 at 11.53.53
1. Where You Are
2. Lonely Tomorrow
3. Smoke
4. State Of The Artist
5. Last Goodbye

Mikey Lord – Vocals
Adam Doveston – Guitar
Ben Aldham – Guitar/ Vocals
Jason Doveston – Bass
Robbie Hutchinson – Drums

We had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Yorkshire rockers As Sirens Fall last month for The Junction UK, and we’ve been waiting patiently for their debut EP to land on our doorstep ever since hearing the brilliant first single ‘Where You Are’.

Since the announcement of the new EP, the band have also penned in a number of dates for the release, but if you were at Download Festival last weekend, we hope you were lucky enough to catch these fellas playing in the Camping Village. Since launching themselves in to the scene in 2015 they have performed at over 100 shows, won the Soundwave Music Competition, and worked extremely hard to complete their EP, which we can confirm has been worth the wait.

What instantly strikes me about the EP is that it doesn’t feel like a debut release. The sound is so polished that you’re expecting a full album; I barely had time to finish my cuppa before it ended. It’s easy to see why these guys are winning competitions and already being piped for festival slots.

‘Where You Are’ is a great opener and one that’s certain to be a fan favourite at live shows. With anthemic hooks it has a more pop-rock sound to it, but this certainly doesn’t follow through the EP as ‘State Of The Artist’ has a much heavier sound to it, with a nice long riff opening it up and screaming vocals to boot. Aptly named ‘Last Goodbyes’ plays out the EP and wraps everything up perfectly, but is just as strong as the first track and makes you want play it all over again.

Chatting to the band last month we asked what their biggest challenges were in putting the EP together, to which they responded “I think the biggest challenge was making the songs on the EP work together. Each song sounds very different to the last, and that’s always the band that we’ve been. We’ve never liked the idea of sticking to any single genre or getting pigeonholed, and we wanted this EP to scream that.”

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