Awake At Last – Interview

Tuesday 19th July 2016

Since my first interview with Awake At Last the guys have continued to stay in contact with news and updates on the progress of their music.  I’m really impressed with the band, they have a great sound and are constantly trying to push themselves further to do what they can to make things work.  I was pleased to hear they’re working on new material, so I caught a moment with Imran to find out what they’ve been up to.

Awake At Last

What have you been up to since we last spoke in October, and what’s new for the band?

We’ve been on the road a bunch since then and were able to release a brand new single “Never Be A Memory” and a music video for it as well. We just got out of the studio with producer Andrew Baylis and have got a bunch of shows coming up through the end of summer!

You’ve been playing a lot of tour dates.  How have the shows been going for you guys?

They’ve been going great! We’ve played around 150 shows since King Of The Worlds release and we finally winded down that tour cycle now then we entered the studio for the new CD. We’ve been able to connect to so many people in that time and perform all over the country. We’ve been very fortunate to get to go out on the road so much and do what we love doing.

How responsive are you finding the crowds to your music? 

There has been a really solid reception to our music live; we all bring a high energy live show and love to perform our songs live! Having fans sing along with us is great and helps keep the energy high.

Word has it that you’ve been in the studio working on a new EP.  Are you able to tell me any details about that, and when we can look forward to hearing the new material? 

We just wrapped up recording a new CD with producer Andrew Baylis in June. We went in and picked out the six best tracks and were out in Cleveland for two weeks working on the CD. We currently are figuring out release plans and have nothing set in stone but a late Fall release would be ideal.

What was the decision behind setting up a campaign through Indigogo and how much will that help you with creating the new EP?

We are currently unsigned to a label and run everything in our band ourselves, including all the business aspects. So we decided it would help us cover the studio time costs and help us budget properly for this release, and we were able to cover the studio time from the Indiegogo. It helps out a lot and in return our fans were able to get cool perks and prizes from us.

Check out the full campaign and donate here.

What can we expect from the new EP, and how would you say this release has grown since the last?

We’ve definitely pushed ourself more musically – the guitars are definitely doing a lot more as are the drums, bass and vocal melodies. There’s a lot more energy on the new EP and we’re all confident in the change of direction the progression of our sound, since we would never want to release the same CD twice. We all came together a lot more on the songwriting as a full band and were able to blend our influences into this new direction of Awake At Last.

How did the opportunity come about to work with Andrew Baylis to produce your EP?

We’ve been friends with Andrew Baylis for years as he was the guitarist of Life On Repeat and we’d played many shows with them. We’d been bouncing a lot of producer ideas around and we’d decided to go with him due to both our history with him and how hard working and talented of a producer he is. He was the perfect fit for this CD and he was stoked on our new material and really helped us make the best CD possible.

Can fans look forward to any new material being performed at your upcoming live dates?

Yes! We’ve been playing some of the new songs live. Our set has been half released material and half the new songs. So we’re looking forward to seeing our fans rocking out with us on the new songs.

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