For The Girl – Interview

20th July 2016

For The Girl are a high energy Indie Pop Rock band from Nottingham, and with their unique style bring something fun to the scene.  Following the release of the first single ‘Where Did The Time Go?’ from their debut EP ‘Shark Attack’ the band are certainly starting to cause quite a stir. I take a moment to chat to the guys to find out more about how it’s all going.


How did you all meet and what made you decide to start up the band?

We all met through different avenues. Josh and Sam met in a band where Sam was the drummer. We then realised Sam could sing so they started an acoustic project. Through this, we then met Isaac Hallas who would come to our gigs and jump up when we needed an insane guitar solo. James came to one of our acoustic gigs and wrote some bass lines for our originals, quickly showing us that he was, in fact, a musical God. Foxy and Sam had the same drum teacher and joined the band when we realised we needed a drummer. The rest is history.

What got you all in to making music, and were any of you in bands previously?

Making music has always been our passion. We all grew up listening to music that inspired us and our goal is to do the same with our music. To have a crowd sing back your lyrics or dance to your songs has always been the main goal. We have been in various bands, as mentioned, but maybe those bands were too comfortable for us. We all have different music tastes in this band and we are mixing them together to create something new, exciting and enjoyable.

Your sound and vocals are very individual.  Who would you say influences your music and style?

We all have so many different bands and styles of music that inspire us individually. Foxy enjoys his metal like Metallica, James loves funk with artists such as Stevie Wonder (who he recently saw live) and Victor Wooten. Isaac is a big fan of the 1975, Young Kato and anything involving Slash, Josh enjoys Arctic Monkeys, The Sherlocks, Vant etc., and Sam loves them all (but he is really enjoying Brother Strut and their new album at the moment).

July and August are looking pretty jam packed for you with live dates in the Midlands.  Are you looking to spread your wings and perform further afield later in the year?

Always! We have one tour confirmed with the lads from Only Shadows where we will get to play some familiar places and some new ones. We are yet to announce our second tour but keep those eyes peeled on all social media for it.


How responsive are you finding the crowds to your music?

They’re loving it; we’re loving them loving it! The EP launch was magical to have so many people turn up who had learnt the words and sang them at the top of their lungs and that meant the world to us.

You held an EP launch party on the 8th July and hailing from Nottingham it’s easy to see why you’re launching the EP at the Bodega. Nottingham has great live music venues, but is there a special reason behind choosing this venue?

The EP launch was huge and went so amazingly well! We all had very sore heads the day after from celebrating. We chose The Bodega because so many bands that we admire have played there at the start of their music careers and we wanted to join the list of amazing acts. The night was amazing and we loved every minute of it.

You’ve just released a video for your single ‘Where Did The Time Go?’ which is very fun and enjoyable to watch. Who do you work with to create your music videos, and who comes up with the ideas for them?

Shooting Where Did Time Go? was so much fun. We worked alongside Theo Gee and Ian Bousher, who we are also working with for a couple of other videos (watch this space). We had never shot a music video before and the main aim of this one was to highlight the band’s personality, we aren’t serious/moody and wanted that to come across. We were all so happy with the end result.

Tell me about your writing process.  Do you write collectively, and what’s your process?

We don’t actually have a process, we can’t even put our finger on how it comes about! Isaac brings the spine of the song with lyrics and then we try different ways of playing the song until we get something we are proud of.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about working in the music industry, and who provided you with those wise words?

One of the best pieces of advice that I have had (Josh) was from one of my favourite bands: Natives. They said that we should never be bothered with what any other band is doing and focus on ourselves and make music that we like, we are the ones playing it at the end of the day so it should always be enjoyable and not some contest. Working with other bands is half the fun of all of this anyway!

Do you have an ultimate aim for the band, and where do you hope your music will take you?

The main aim of the band is for as many people to enjoy the music that we are putting out there as possible. We want people to know that when they come to our gigs, they are going to dance around and sing as loud as they can and have our songs stuck in their head the next morning.

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