Charlyn – Self Titled EP

Friday 22nd July 2016

Track Listing:

1. Marylise
2. Dive
3. The Last Dance
4. Eventually
5. Eventually (Instrumental Version)

I’m currently sat in my office wondering what to delve in to for this week’s ‘New Music Friday’ when I remember that the new EP by Charlyn arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago.  I plug in my earphones and give it a listen whilst I potter round organising my day ahead, drinking tea and before I know it I’ve had the EP on repeat 4-times over.  To sum up the EP would be to simply call it beautiful.

‘Marylise’ is the extremely promising first release from the debut EP, and Charlyn has such sweet vocals that you’re drawn in to an easy listening indie-pop bubble.  Accompanied by a fun but uplifting sound gives the song something to boast about, and makes for productive listening on a breezy summers day.

When interviewed about the single, Charlyn described it as “a summery pop song, telling the story of a woman pretending to have ‘the perfect life’, however wanting to escape and live the life of someone else.”

When hearing tracks ‘Dive’ and ‘The Last Dance’ I can’t help but feel as though these would make great soundtracks to a film.  The melodic sound and sincere lyrics certainly lend themselves to a romantic chick-flick.  There are also elements of 80s pop to be heard and ‘Eventually’ really pulls that through with its synth-strewn beat throughout the intro and choruses.

Feeling fortunate to have been introduced to the sounds of Charlyn, I’ll be keeping a closer ear on where she is heading.  With tour dates already penned for London, Paris and Switzerland it won’t be too long before we hear much more, and here’s hoping we have a full album release in the near future.

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