Calling Apollo – The Great Depression Act 1

Wednesday 28th July 2016

Since we stumbled upon Calling Apollo back in March, and being lucky enough to interview the guys, we’ve been patiently waiting for the release of their new EP. It’s with great excitement we can now give you a sneak peak of what to expect from the release, as we grasp ‘The Great Depression Act 1’ with both hands and can confirm that the music machines were most certainly ‘set to stun’.

Reviewed for The Junction UK.

Track Listing:

1. Light The Way
2. Clone City
3. Obelisk
4. The Wars
5. Act 1: House of Cards
6. … and The High Plateau

Calling Apollo press shot

The first release from the album has come in the form of track ‘Clone City’ which has already received rave reviews since its premiere with Upset Magazine, and was picked up by Andrew Shay and featured on Scuzz TV. It was most definately something to write home about and tell the grandkids, and set a prescident for a stellar album release.

When we caught up with the guys about what to expect from the album they said we could expect a theme but a different track to the last, and with that said there is a noticeable progressiveness which can be heard throughout. Opening track ‘Light The Way’ gives an arousing yet chilling start before belting straight in to a more vigorous pace, but there is no slowing down as Obelisk provides those anthemic hooks.

‘The Wars’ takes a turn into something more ambient and slightly theatrical, a mid-set cooldown some might say, but not for too long as ‘Act 1: House of Cards’ punches straight through in to premium riffage and more aggressive vocals. There is the perfect addition of the piano too, and whilst listening keep thinking of how amazing this would be performed in an arena – I’m thinking that the likes of Muse’s creative team could work wonders with this!

‘… and The High Plateau’ is the final track and starts to play out the album on an acoustic note, before again picking up to give an electrifying ending, and also provides the opportunity to hear and really connect with Christian’s malleable vocals.

Releasing a two-part record is something the band have always wanted to do, and their style and alt-rock sound really lends itself to the idea. The band have taken a genre and really turned it in to their own having drawn on each others ideas and interests, and produced an eclectic yet defining release.

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