Halflives – Empty Rooms

Tuesday 21st March 2017

Track Listing:

1. Lone Wolf
2. Mayday
3. Burn
4. Echo
5. The Sickness
6. Half Alive
7. Empty Room
8. Collide

The first time I heard Halflives was during the release of their sterling single ‘Mayday’.  They were also being championed by another band that I was introduced to at the same time, Courage My Love who they will be heading out on tour with for a handful of dates in May and June.  It pleases me greatly that six months later the band have announced the release of their debut album ‘Empty Rooms’.  This is a band that I instantly connected with from the start and I was quickly drawn in by their already accomplished sound and Linda’s stirring vocals.

It has taken the band 18 months to complete the album, along with a substantial amount of crowdfunding.  They managed to reach double the amount they had set out to fund in only a month, and the result is a punchy 8-track release that is very tightly polished.

Linda explains the decision behind which tracks made the final cut, saying: “we decided to keep just 8 of the very best tracks in this album to let people feel our real essence and we can’t wait to present it to you all.”

Fans have recently been treated another release from Halflives which comes in the form of their second single ‘Burn’ and for anyone wondering what can be expected from the album, this completely sets the tone.  Tracks such as ‘Echo’ and ‘The Sickness’ are packed with feelings, and you really feel the emotion being expressed through the lyrics.  Another stand out track is ‘Empty Room’ which I would pin as being one of my favourite tracks, because the sound brings an elation within a song that shouts out about a niggling feeling deep down inside.

“’Empty Rooms’ is the result of a long period of work and introspection. I was finding myself in a really dark place when writing these songs and I used the feelings I was carrying with me to give birth to something new, something deeper from everything that was written before. The inspiration came from different pieces of my life, including things I’ve seen on tour, things I’ve felt even by just staring outside of the ferry approaching to the white cliffs of Dover under the rain. Each song is a different empty room where I’ve let my feelings flow, you can visit them all and find a piece of us in each of them, a story, in each of them.”

With emotive lyrics and a project of self-expression, this release is something to be proud of and really showcases what Halflives are about.  It’s clear they have the capabilities to push forward and make something of the band, and I hope this is the start of something much bigger to come.

Due for release on the 14th April, pre-orders are available here.

UK Tour Dates:

31st May – Southampton, Talking Heads
1st June – Bristol, The Exchange
2nd June – Bridgewater, Cobblestones
3rd June – London, Camden Rocks Festival
4th June – Manchester, Rebellion

Connect with Halflives via their Website, Facebook and Twitter.