True Moon – Debut Album

Tuesday 25th April 2017

Track Listing:

1. Voodoo
2. Our Own Darkness
3. True Moon
4. Sugar
5. Just Like Smoke
6. Guns
7. Run Run Run
8. In the Dead of the Night
9. Things I Use To Tell You
10. Honey
11. Guns RMX

It would be cliché to say that Friday is the best day of the week, bringing that great feeling of knowing that you’re only hours away from the weekend. But for me it’s all about the new music releases, especially those that steer away from the wave of the mainstream. Sitting down and following my usual morning routine of tuning myself in to something to get me through the working day, I decided today I wanted to discover something new. Then I remembered about the album promo that I received for Swedish dark-pop rockers True Moon.

Admittedly this one had been sitting in my mailbox for a while, but I was far from ignoring it. Every so often I would stream a handful of the tracks and then come away from it, because there is something about it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Was I suffering with writers block, or maybe I had been given something a little out of my comfort zone? With the release date of the 28th April looming I decided to really give this one its dues, because once I really had time to take in the lyrical content and process exactly what this album is showcasing, it was a light bulb moment.

Inspiration for the album came from the experimental and challenging post-punk scene of the 70’s and 80’s, and it’s quick to draw on artists such as Joy Division, Siouxsie, Cure, and Sisters of Mercy. True Moon are fronted by Karolina Engdahl, who completed all her vocals for the recording in just 90 minutes, and along with the slightly unrefined sound the album presents a debut release that isn’t sugar coated. The powerful expressions of the emotions that are presented really draw in to the honesty of reaching in to those darker depths and pulling back out a pure untainted vision of what’s real.

Speaking about the album, guitarist Tommy Tilt explains, “We wanted an old school raw, unpolished feel to the production. When you listen to the Joy Division records, Martin Hannet’s production is totally integral to how the songs come across: if you hear a Joy Division song on the radio or in a club it only takes one second to recognise who it is because that studio sound is so distinctive. We wanted that kind of immediacy and impact.”

Track ‘Our Own Darkness’ is a perfect example of this, sounding like a rough cut but quickly forming in to something quite haunting yet rousing. This is followed through in self-titled track ‘True Moon’ but with a much deeper electronic vibe and poignant lyrics telling a tale of heartbreak. ‘Sugar’ is the first release from the album, and in my opinion although a good track I have found it to be a bit repetitive after a few spins. However, for anyone just discovering the duo this is a comfortable place to start.

Personal favourites include opening track ‘Voodoo’ which lures you in to the album perfectly and is extremely catchy with its arousing bass and raw but powerful vocals from Karolina; alongside ‘Guns’ with its punchy drumming intro and feral tones that give it a dystopian feel – my mind spins just listening to it.

Wondering what it was that kept drawing me back to the album, I realised that I was completely reeled in by the brutal sound and honesty that has been pushed through every track. With something that was familiar but from an era that I’d not discovered for a long time, being reminded of artists such as Joy Division, Blondie, and more recently the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Pretty Reckless it became addictive and that’s what kept pulling me in.

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