Slydigs – Interview

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Slydigs are a rock and roll four-piece hailing from Warrington and are possibly one of the most exciting bands I’ve heard in a while.  The first release from their new EP ‘How Animal Are You‘ is an absolute earworm and I haven’t been able to get it out my head for days.  Having already supported the likes of The Who, Pete Docherty, and Catfish and the Bottlemen, these guys are on the road to pushing their music even further and it’s easy to see there are much bigger things around the corner.  Jumping at the opportunity to interview the band I catch up with Lead Guitarist, Louis Menguy to find out more about the band and their latest release.

I’m pleased to be introduced to guys, really enjoying your style and sound of a brit-rock revival.  What has drawn you to this genre?

Thank you! To be honest it wasn’t a conscious decision to go for a particular genre it just came out of us when we started to play music together. The music we create is a product of our influences and shared love of the same artists. We all share the same love of bands such as The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, The Stones and artist like Dylan and Hendrix so when we started to play together and get competent on our instruments, our writing developed we were able to channel some of our influences through our music and make it our own. To us it just felt totally natural to create this kind of music.

When did you all start playing music and have you been in bands previously?

For me (Louis) and Dean, Slydigs was the first band we’ve been in, we started it up a couple of years after we left school and have been slogging away ever since. At the very beginning we had another bass player and drummer but they were replaced by Pete and Ben after a couple of years. Pete was playing in my brothers band at the time and when things started to fizzle out for them we jumped at the chance to ask Pete to join us. Ben was trying to get his own band off the ground when we asked him to join, we asked him just before we set off on a tour of Ireland and gave him about 30 songs to learn in a week, needless to say he pulled it off and we’ve all been together since. We’ve all been mates since before being in a band and I think that really makes a big difference, we know not to take each other to seriously and can be relaxed around each other which helps us express ourselves more freely.

Could you tell me more about your new EP ‘How Animal Are You’ and what we can expect from it? How does it compare to your previous material?

The songs on ‘How Animal Are You’ are written by me and Dean and they all came about during an unusual point in our musical careers. Over the past couple of years we made a transition from working on building sites and factories and practicing every night in Warrington, to being asked to support the likes of The Who and go on tours of America and Europe with them. I think this time in our lives and the experiences we encountered really had a major influence on the music we were creating for the EP. You can feel the excitement in tracks such as ‘How Animal Are You’ and ‘Give It Up Brother’ but also there’s a real sense of where we came from in songs such as ‘The Kids Feel Underrated’ and ‘Suburban Confinement’. Altogether I think it’s a great snap shot of where we are at now and a great statement of intent for the future.

Where did you record the EP and who did you work with?

We recorded the EP with record producer and long time friend of the band John Kettle at his studios in Wigan. John’s a talented guy who has a real nack for bringing out the best in us and capturing our live sound on record. He’s also a good friend so we all feel able to express our likes and dislikes to him during the recording process as does he when it comes to input on our songs which I think is very important.

You’ve got a number of releases behind you now. What was the decision behind releasing another EP, and are there any plans for a full album?

We have a lot of material as me and Dean are always constantly writing so we wanted to get some songs out there while we are looking for the right label. Since our tours of America and Europe we have been inundated with messages through social media from all over the world asking when can they hear new music, or where can they buy the tracks we have been playing live. We thought we may as well strike while the irons hot and get some of our material out there by a self release. And we’ve been really excited about the music we’ve been creating recently and just want people to hear what we have been up to.

Are there any particular favourite tracks that you’re looking forward to performing live on your upcoming tour?

It’s always really enjoyable to try out new songs at gigs and see the response. I’m very excited to try them all but I think ‘How Animal Are You’ and ‘Give It Up Brother’ will be big crowd pleasers. They’re the kind of songs that I think everyone will go mad for as they are full on Rock n Roll stompers.

Speaking of tours, you supported The Who on their 50th anniversary tour. How was that experience? It must have been a serious ‘pinch me’ moment.

Yeah it was unbelievable really, The Who have obviously been a massive influence on us from the very start. Recently they put a tweet out saying that we were one of their favourite bands to support them in recent years which really means the world to us. We got such a fantastic response night after night and got invited back to support them in America and Europe. It’s a huge accolade for us to have the backing of such an iconic band that we admire so much, and it’s really given us the confidence and self belief that we are on the right track.

Have there been any other personal highlights so far?

Yeah it feels like there’s been so many recently! Going over to America and Canada was a big highlight for me, getting to see places like Toronto, Vancouver, LA and San Francisco. North America welcomed us with open arms and everyone was so friendly and loved what we were doing. It’s a big ambition of ours to get back out there as soon as we can.

What do you all get up to when you’re not writing or performing, are there any particular hobbies you enjoy?

We are all really close friends so when we aren’t performing or practicing we like hanging out together. We enjoy going out and socialising, watching gigs together and all that. To be honest though our music takes up most of our spare time and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Finally, if you were invited to perform on the BBC Live Lounge which song would you cover and why?

We’ve been trying out a few covers over the years, one of our favourites to do is ‘Oh Well’ by Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac. We love that track and it always goes down a storm but it’s quite close to our genre. I think with BBC live lounge some of the best and most memorable sessions are when bands really push the boat out and try something that’s completely different from their sound. I quite like ‘I Need A Dollar’ by Aloe Blacc. I’ve always liked the lyrics and sentiment behind that song and we could probably do a cool version of it I recon.

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