Hollowstar – Interview

Tuesday 16th May 2017

If its premium riff-age and high energy performances that you’re after then look no further than Cambridge rockers Hollowstar.  Their aim is simple; to release some of the finest rock and roll that has ever been heard.  Being fortunate enough to grab an advanced copy of their debut EP ‘Some Things Matter’ I can confirm that it falls nothing short of packing a punch, and they’re clearly living up to their status of being hailed as one of the finest unsigned rock bands in the area. Exciting times are on the horizon for Hollowstar so I caught a moment to find out more about the band, their latest release and what to expect from their upcoming tour.

Could you tell me about the band and how you all came together? It’s a question often asked, but your already established sound strikes me and I wonder how Hollowstar emerged.

With three of us previously working in a band together for most of our teenage years, whilst Tom worked on projects of his own, the foundations were already there when we decided to unite to create Hollowstar.

What would you say makes you stand out as a band?

Two guitarists that any band would love to have just one of!

You’ve just released your single ‘Holding It Together’, which is a story behind the everyday battles people face. Was this written through personal experiences, and do you feel this can help with the writing process?

Yes, it was written about one of the band members personal battles through depression and definitely, we feel writing about subjects you can relate to helps as we like to tell a story with our songs.

How long have you been working on your debut EP ‘Some Things Matter’ and how are you feeling about the release?

Some of the songs are a few years old and some are a little newer. We actually recorded 15 when we went into the studio and carefully selected these for our debut EP; we’re really excited to get it out there!!!

How would you sum up the EP and what can be expected from it?

A modern take on classic rock with bold guitar riffs, a strong drumbeat and storytelling throughout.

What’s your writing process as a band and how do you come together to create the final track? 

We often find ourselves coming to practise with ideas and then just end up jamming them out… the one’s that stick, often turn into the start of a new song!

With a mission of wanting to release some of the finest rock and roll ever heard, which of your tracks do you feel is the closest to that? 

It’s a close call but I think we’d have to go with ‘Guilty’, we love the riffs and feel it’s a true balls to the wall rock song!

If you could pick a song by any artist (past or present) that you could say you wish you had written, what would it be and why? 

One Day Remains, Alter Bridge – to have written this song would be one hell of an achievement, purely because every single instrument in this song is being played to it’s full potential; fast beats and riffs, soaring vocals and incredible song structure!

How are you feeling about your upcoming tour, and are there any tracks from the new release that you’re most excited about performing? 

We’re really excited to hit the road. The best thing about the tour is that we’re going out there to play the EP in full!

What about venues, are there any in particular you’re looking forward to visiting to support your release? 

We always look forward to the hometown show and the final nights when we get to let our hair down a bit. We’re excited about playing a few new venues during our tour so it’s another good excuse to meet new people!

Connect with Hollowstar via their Website, Facebook and Twitter.