Daisy Clark – Interview

Tuesday 6th June 2017

Daisy Clark recently became a YouTube sensation overnight with her cover of ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ which stacked up over 12 million views, and even knocked Ed Sheeran off the iTunes Singer Songwriter charts – twice!  Her channel is packed with an array of wonderful covers from the likes of Ella Henderson, Adele, Harry Styles, and The 1975; and after being picked up by Music Crowns and spending time in Mark Ronson’s studio, Daisy is now due to release her debut single ‘Worlds Away’.  Hailing from Cornwall and at the tender age of 18, Daisy has spent the majority of her youth emercing herself in music, and it’s easy to see why her talents are quickly emerging.  Being one to watch I speak with Daisy to find out more.

How long have you been singing and at what point did you realise you wanted a music career; was there anyone in particular who inspired you to pick up a guitar?

I’ve been singing since I can remember. I always participated in a lot of musical and theatrical things when I was younger, so I grew up always singing and performing and I loved it. Music was always my main focus though and I knew I wanted to be a singer. Throughout school I loved listening to Taylor Swift who is a singer songwriter… just her and a guitar which is what I wanted to do. She wrote all of her own songs which inspired me to do the same.  

Your debut single ‘Worlds Away’ has just been released, and was recorded in Mark Ronson’s studio.  How was the experience for you, and how are you feeling about the release of your single?

I love hearing songs come to life in the studio, the contrast between just me and my guitar and high quality recordings with other instruments added is amazing to see and hear. It’s been a great experience to be in such an exciting environment where amazing artists have recorded and gone on to do incredible things, so for Worlds Away to be released today on all major platforms is so exciting! I am known for my covers but I am a songwriter so being able to write my own original in such a prestigious place was so cool! I’m looking forward to hearing what my listeners think of Worlds Away as it’s quite different to my typical, mellow, acoustic songs.

How did you find the writing process, and were there any obstacles you had to overcome?

This was the first song I’ve co-written in the studio. 90% of my song are written at home in my bedroom with just me and my guitar so it was different, but it was fun to experience writing in a different way. Also, when I first started songwriting I was quite shy and didn’t like showing my songs to anyone, so to have to actually write with other people was quite intimidating at first, but it ended up being a great experience.

The single has been written through a personal experience.  How does it feel listening back knowing it represents a certain period in your life?

I wrote the song about a friend who was going through a tough relationship, and I really sympathized with this person, so decided to write some lyrics about it which I then took to the studio. A lot of my songs are written through personal experience but this one was inspired by a outside perspective. I like that as a songwriter I can write songs about other situations and experiences that listeners can interpret and relate to.

There are loads of great covers on your YouTube channel and they all sound fantastic.  Are there any personal favourites that you enjoy covering?

I recently did a cover of ‘Attention’ by Charlie Puth which I LOVE. The bass line is so funky and satisfying to play. I’m very into acoustic music, so I love being able to take and upbeat pop song, and strip it right back to show the simplistic beauty in the music and songwriting.

You covered ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ and it knocked Ed Sheeran off the top of the iTunes singer songwriter charts – twice!  How did it feel to become a viral hit over night?

It was very strange waking up to a LOT of notifications and messages. I pretty much spent the day doing interviews and watching the track climb the iTunes charts which was so much fun but very surreal! Especially to be next to Ed Sheeran who is such an incredible songwriting inspiration to me. I had people like Dawn French and James Arthur contacting me, it was crazy!

Music Crowns have really helped and supported me along the way by putting me on a platform which pushed my cover on a global scale was incredible! For anyone who doesn’t know what Music Crowns is, it’s a platform for unsigned, newly signed and independent music artists to get great exposure through social media and various online platforms, I would definitely recommend that if you are an artist yourself and are looking for help in getting exposure to get in contact with Music Crowns.

If you could pick a song by any artist (past or present) that you could say you wish you had written, what would it be and why?

Probably ‘Put Your Records’ On by Corinne Bailey Rae. It’s such a good song that everyone can sing along to, and I adore the lyrics. For example: “Summer came like cinnamon, so sweet”… it’s just so good, haha.

Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with if you had the opportunity?

Definitely Taylor Swift, as she inspired me to start songwriting and learn guitar! That would be amazing, however I would be very star struck to meet her in person, but it would be an incredible experience.

It looks as though you’ve got a busy schedule over the summer with many live dates and festivals planned.  Are there any venues in particular that you’re looking forward to performing at?

I love local festivals… I just performed at the Great Estate Festival which was incredible. I’m also super exited to play at Boardmasters and Tunes In The Dunes! They’re amazing festivals in Cornwall which are right on the beach. I am also getting to perform at the Royal Albert Hall at the end of the month, which really is a dream come true, there have been so many amazing artists perform there so to follow in their footsteps really is so great!

Finally a random question, but when viewing your blog my cursor turns in to a jar of Nutella.  Is there any reason for that? :)

Because who doesn’t love Nutella?? Haha, there’s no particular reason I just really like Nutella… and just food really!

Connect with Daisy via her Website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Daisy Clark is managed by Music Crowns, an online platform for independent and unsigned musicians. Worlds Away is available now on iTunes, Spotify and other major music distribution channels.