White Noise Radio – Interview

Friday 30th June 2017

Tomorrow we see the release of the debut EP from Bristol alt-rockers White Noise Radio, and if you’re interested to find out exactly what to expect from ‘Cosmos‘, then you’re in for a meaty 4-track ride.  Riffs, hooks and loud choruses your sort of thing?  Then make sure you give these guys a spin.  They’ve also just released a fantastic video for lead single ‘Dawning‘ so make sure you scroll on down and give that a watch too.  White Noise Radio are very excited about the release and can’t wait to share their masterpiece, so not wanting to miss out on such worthy upcoming music I spend a moment finding out more ahead of the release.

For those who are just discovering you please could you tell me more about yourselves? Have you been in bands previously and what has driven you to form White Noise Radio?

We’ve all come from different backgrounds, but what brings us together is a love of clever, heavy music, and that’s what we want White Noise Radio to be – something that combines the artists we love with our own unique twist.

Your debut EP ‘Cosmos’ is due for release on the 1st July. How are you feeling about getting it out there, and what was the decision behind self-releasing?

Really good, the material on this latest record is top notch. We’re really proud of how it’s all come together, because it’s a real evolution from last year’s debut EP. As far as self-releasing, we never really considered going any other route – it worked well for us the first time around. Plus, no record companies wanted to buy the record off us!

What inspirations did you draw upon when putting your EP together; and what was the idea behind using a space theme?

We didn’t go into this record with any conception of what it would be, the theme of space really emerged once everything had been recorded. I suppose I’d say the theme isn’t really literally about space, it’s more about identity and how people’s personality influences the way they interact with the world around.

Who did you work with to create the video for your first single ‘Dawning’ and how did it feel to see it complete?

We worked with the amazing Rob Ellis, a local cinematographer who brought a huge amount to the project. Not only did he shoot some stunning footage, but he had a lot of artistic input into the video’s theme and how it was eventually realised. Anna Macarthur, our lonely astronaut, was a joy to work with, and likewise brought some great ideas to the table, making the video much more than it would have been without her!

What about the EP artwork, who was the creative genius behind that?

That was our very own Mark Detre, White Noise Radio’s bass player. We spent a whole evening together as a band brainstorming concepts for the artwork, fuelled by Mark’s Hungarian mother’s lethal homebrewed spirits, and what he put together is really amazing.

How easy was it to pick the final 4 tracks that made the EP, and were there any that didn’t make the cut?

3 of the 4 songs on this record were written in the 12 months following the last EP’s release, and because we put everything under such a microscope it took us a lot of work to create songs we were completely happy with. We even scrapped a near-finished demo of “Siren” and rewrote the entire thing in a different time signature. “Gone Inside” is actually an extensive rewrite of an old song of ours called “All the Right Reasons”, which our producer George Lever pushed us to do. We’re glad he did, because it’s become such a killer track!

Did you face any challenges when putting the EP together, and how did you overcome them?

Well, because we haven’t got a label behind us, we have to keep the costs of recording down, which means minimising the amount of time we spend in a studio. Because of that, we recorded all our guitar, bass and backing vocal tracks at home, which put a real strain on us – coming home from work and tracking guitars every night for several weeks is harder than it sounds!

What about your writing process as a band; how do you all come together to create the final track, and how do you know when a track is finished? 

Most of the writing in WNR happens with Ben and Antoine, who bounce off demos to send to the other two guys. Once we feel it’s in a playable state we’ll take it into the rehearsal room and see what works and what doesn’t – after a few weeks of this, the song will usually take on a final shape, but some tracks take longer than others. “Dawning” went through so many changes that the only section remaining from the original demo is the middle section!

Being in the early stages of your music career, how are you finding the whole process and have you been given any lasting advice?  

It’s an uphill battle, and while we’re slowly gaining ground there’s still a mountain to climb. A lot of the effort of being in a band isn’t a lot of fun, all the admin and organising, travelling and practising . . . it’s important to focus on the enjoyable parts, and not let it become a slog. George gave us some good advice, in that we have to treat the band as a business – you can’t just say yes to everything, because you end up doing loads of stuff that doesn’t help you.

Have there been any personal highlights so far, and what can we expect next from the band? 

The biggest highlight so far has been our drum-tracking day at Middle Farm studios, where Black Peaks recently tracked their debut album. It’s such a beautiful location, and there was so much cool stuff there – George got a cracking sound, too!

White Noise Radio will be out on the road this summer, so keep an eye on their website for details of upcoming shows.

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