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The Big Reunion Live 2013

Tuesday 26th February 2013
Hammersmith Apollo, London

5ive, B*Witched, Honeyz, 911, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, and new addition Blue are the current line-up for ITV2’s ultimate pop-umentary show The Big Reunion. The bands have reunited and their every step has been followed after years away from the spotlight. Each band has had two weeks of intense rehearsals ready to step back on to the stage to perform in front of thousands of fans.

Tuesday 26th February was the night that they all graced the stage at Hammersmith Apollo for the special concert. If the bands weren’t already nervous enough to be performing for the first time in as long as 12 years, it was also being filmed by ITV2 which is to be broadcast at the end of March. For the fans, years ago it might have been a struggle to save up enough pocket money and convince their parents to let them go to see their favourite act, so tonight it was quite possibly a dream to come true to see all these bands under one roof.

Outside the Apollo excitement filled the air as Scott, Abz, and Sean from 5ive were spotted saying hello and having photographs taken with the fans, as well as other band members from B*Witched and Blue. The cameras were rolling capturing those having a singsong or shouting in excitement with their homemade banners and t-shirts. Inside there was some celebrity spotting to be done as Shane Lynch from Boyzone had come along to support his twin sisters of B*Witched, Keavy and Edele, whilst Keith Lemon was clocked taking a seat at the back in the circle.

Unaware of the format for the evening Andi Peters, who also does the voice over for The Big Reunion, took to the stage in double denim to announce that we were about to be taken back in to a time warp. Without a minute to loose the stage instantly came alive with the sound of drums and double clapping, which could only mean one thing… 5ive – We Will Rock You. They tore open the stage with a medley of their number one hit mixed in with Everybody Get Up. Perhaps one of the most anticipated acts of the night as fans have been taunted with the idea of a new 5th member to replace band mate J, but this was soon put to rest as the band appeared as a 4 piece. In fact the boys were so tight in their performance that it was hardly noticeable that J was missing. This has to be a sure sign that they should continue as a foursome.

Fresh out of Ireland and unnoticeable that it had been 11 years since the girls last performed together, B*Witched slipped straight in with C’est La Vie, complete with double denim and an Irish jig to boot. Following straight on was a band that may be tipping 40 but were still back flipping and body shakin’ like it was the 90’s. 911 were every girls dream back in their heyday, but quite frankly it seems that’s still the case.

To the excitement of every male that had been dragged along by their partner, Liberty X stayed true to their word and took to the stage in their signature outfits – cat suits and canes. Michelle Heaton who recently underwent a double mastectomy highlighted during the documentary that this was the one thing she was most looking forward to.

Blue are the latest band to join The Big Reunion, although to be honest it’s not yet certain why as the boys reunited nearly 3 years ago and performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011, so haven’t been away from the lime light as long as the other bands. Either way they are a welcome addition as a fellow band with a string of hits under their belt that will always stand the test of pop music time. Their first song All Rise was an acquired taste as it was performed slightly different but still enough to get the audience counting all the money and free rides. Once their hit with Elton John came around, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, it was clear they were back on form and looking very dapper in their boyband-esque outfits, black suits.

The Honeyz opened up their set with their huge ballad Finally Found, and whilst most were preying that they wouldn’t fall over whilst tottering down the steps to the stage, it was clear they were appealing to a select number of fans rather than the audience as a whole. Dropped at the point where they were freshly signed to Def Jam and just about to break through, they’re certainly a band that slipped through the music industries net and deserve a second chance.

If there was to be one person who had everyone’s eyes and ears waiting for them it had to be Kerry Katona. Atomic Kitten are back together as the original line up and probably in the firing line for most press attention. During the evening that came in the form of Kerry Katona exposing a little too much out of her top, but unless you were on the front row you would have only noticed it in the next mornings papers. Breasts aside the girls performed beautifully together and you could tell how much it meant to them. After performing Whole Again tears fell as the song holds a different meaning to each member of the band.

The night was filmed by ITV2 and will be broadcast on March 28th 2013 which will then be followed by release on DVD. Response to this gig was so immense that tickets sold out in 5 minutes flat, so don’t worry if you missed out because an arena tour has now been announced for The Big Reunion.

Set List:

5ive – We Will Rock You / Everybody Get Up
B*Witched – C’est La Vie
911 – Bodyshakin’
Liberty X – Just A Little
Blue – All Rise
Honeyz – Finally Found
Atomic Kitten – Right Now
5ive – Keep On Movin’
B*Witched – Rollercoaster
Liberty X – Got To Have Your Love
Atomic Kitten – Tide Is Hight
911 – A Little Bit More
Honeyz – Love Of A Lifetime / End Of The Line
Blue – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
B*Witched – Blame It On The Weatherman
911 – More Than A Woman
Honeyz – Won’t Take It Lying Down
Liberty X – Ain’t Nobody
Blue – One Love
5ive – If Ya Gettin’ Down
Atomic Kitten – Whole Again


Download Festival 2012

Monday 11th June 2012
Donington Park, Leicestershire

8th – 10th June 2012 sees Download Festival in to its 10th year, and over 100,000 fans came to share it with them. With the rain looking to be the only thing opening up at Donington on Friday, the arena opened 2 hours later than planned. This resulted in Rise To Remain and Cancer Bats having to forfeit their slots on the main stage. Europe ended up having to cancel their set too, which was due to bad traffic. With stage times being moved around, Fear Factory was the first band to open up Download. It was later announced that Cancer Bats would play their set around 10:20pm on the Red Bull stage.

Friday turned out to be a mixed day, as those who had been there since Wednesday were desperate to hear some music, those who had been travelling/queuing all morning were desperate to get in to the site, and those who had arrived in Converse were desperate to find some wellies. With the change to some set times, it was already proving difficult to decide which stage to head to. Axewound were rescheduled, which clashed with Slash and Myles Kennedy; two bands that were bound to be at the top of everyone’s list, that didn’t fancy an evening of electronic dance music. Those who opted for The Prodigy got themselves a right treat, as they pushed out those classics as well as debuting their new track “Jetfighter”.

Aside from weekend tickets, Saturday was the only individual day to sell out. The weather held out, the mud had flattened, and the fans arrived in their masses. Loosing count of how many Metallica t-shirts there were to be seen, it was clear that a lot of people were there for some Hetfield action. With a massive line up, every single stage got thrashed that day. With Trivium announcing a tour for October, they took to Download for the fourth time. The band played a killer set, proving they have more and more to give.

Spandex, long blonde wigs and boobs were everywhere. This could only mean one thing – Steel Panther. They opened up their set with “Super Sonic Sex Machine” and continued their set in true Panther style. Which, of course, included lots of rude and silly stuff, to put it politely. The biggest surprise of all happened at the end, when they pulled Corey Taylor on stage with them to perform “Death To All But Metal”.

Meanwhile, on the Zippo Encore stage, Theory Of A Deadman opened to the same thing they open every show to; “Blame Canada” from South Park. Kids In Glass Houses, as much love there is for them, sounded like cotton wool to the ears. Then to top it off, Skindred churned out a sample of Beyonce – Single Ladies.

Tenacious D pulled in a massive crowd, and for the following hour you feel as though you’re in a Jack and Kyle movie. Standing in front of what looks like giant genitalia, but is actually a bird on fire, the crowd sing along to every single word from every single song. Love them or hate them, Download welcomed them with all fists to the sky. Metal, it comes from hell.

Scotland has had some of the best bands roll out of it, and Biffy Clyro are no exception. Being the penultimate band on the Jim Marshall stage, they brought the noise and they brought the sun. Playing hit after hit, Simon Neil barely spoke between songs, except to tell us that they never ever imagined playing on the same stage, and on the same night as Metallica. The band also aired two new tracks for us, which are hoped to be on the next album, and “Captain” brought their set to an energetic close.

Whenever you head to see your favourite artist play a gig, you always wonder and hope about the tracks they’ll perform. With Metallica it would be no surprise, as they played their Black Album in its entirety, in reverse order. If the last 31 years have taught you anything, it would probably be that no rock and roll lifestyle would be complete without Metallica in it. But fear not if that piece is still missing for you, because there is a new album in the pipeline. The whole set went down an absolute storm. What an amazing end to what was a fantastic Saturday at Download.

There is no such thing as a day of rest on a Sunday at Download, especially if Devildriver have anything to do with it at 11:50am. Feed The Rhino, Black Spiders, and Stellar Revival, to name a few, feed you nothing but heavy thrash metal for breakfast, and there are plenty who are out for seconds. With that said, when Kyuss Lives! turn out on the main stage; they perform a slightly less chaotic set, which was perfect for those still trying to cure themselves from a hangover. Whether that is of the metal or beer kind.

Soundgarden were at the top of a lot of people’s list, as it’s been 15 years since Chris Cornell and the band have played in the UK. Playing 14 tracks in total, they kicked open with “Spoonman” and finished on “Beyond The Wheel”. Amongst fans, it seems there was a mixed opinion of the bands set. Where most enjoyed and appreciated every moment of it, there were others who had hoped for a little more.

Black Sabbath was the band to bring Download to one of its biggest finishes. It was the night that 100,000 people came to a standstill; the night that happened for the first time in 33 years. The whole stage was covered over, but that didn’t stop Ozzy from shouting to the crowd from behind the curtains, before appearing on the stage shouting “I can’t F’ing hear you Donington”. Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, then joined him, alongside Tommy Clufetos who was drumming for the band. All day people had been wondering which track they would open on, and it turn out to be no other than the self titled track “Black Sabbath”. The performance was overwhelming for those who had seen Sabbath many moons ago, but also for those who had grew up idolising the band, and were seeing them for the first time. “War Pigs”, “Iron Man”, and “Fairies Wear Boots” were just a sprinkling of the hits played, with the night being played out on “Paranoid”.

For those already hungry for Download 2013, early bird tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 15th June. It has been reported via @downloadfest on Twitter that one headliner has already been confirmed. All information is available via the website


The Classic Motor Show 2011

Saturday 26th November 2011
The NEC, Birmingham

As a lover of old motors there is one event in particular that I enjoy heading to which always welcomes me with open arms each year to continue fuelling my passion, and that’s the Classic Motor Show in Birmingham.

Each year the attendance figures get higher and higher with 47,000 people visiting this year. There were a staggering six halls filled with over 1400 classic cars, 230 clubs, 576 exhibitors and 346 trade stands. There was also a live stage with a 3 day jam-packed timetable that was hosted by TV’s Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer and Edd China. They restored a 1972 Mk5 Triumph Spitfire with parts and equipment provided by CES, Rimmer Bros and Strongman.

I wade my way through a sea of people getting tickets scanned, collecting souvenir guides, and those standing there in awe at what is before them and wondering where to start. As I head further through the first car that I spot is a Volvo P1800 at the CJ Autos stand advertising ramps. Although it wasn’t the exact one, the car is most famous for it’s appearance in the 60’s TV show ‘The Saint’ and was driven by Roger Moore. Apparently Patrick McGoohan declined the role because he didn’t like the car.

Continuing forth with my hands in my pockets and my mouth wide open I pass the Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Maserati, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo and Lotus stalls, and I’m stopped by what I see next – the insides of a Rolls Royce, which isn’t for the faint hearted! A rot free shell with it’s engine on show pushed up excitement levels at being able to see those areas of a car that no owner should ever have to see.

Ford had a large selection of stalls this year with many vehicles on show such as the Capri, Granada, Zephyr, Zodiac, and Cortina. There were lots of old family favourites but a RS200 caught my eye. Manufactured by Ford for the purpose of entering in to rallying and only 200 were ever made. Even with powerful engines that went like poop off a stick, seemingly Ford didn’t get very far with the RS200 and tragically in 1986 Marc Surer who was racing in the Hessen-Rallye crashed in to a tree killing his co-driver Michel Wyder.

Rallying aside, Ford is a hugely successful company and their Model T car is regarded as the world’s first mass-produced car. There was a Model T on display and it was the Ford car that climbed Ben Nevis in 1911 which was driven by Henry Alexander Jr, the son of the owner. It was all part of a publicity stunt which was repeated in 1928 with a Model A Ford.

Sporting Bear Dream Rides are at the NEC each year offering rides for up to 10 miles in dream cars for a minimum donation to a charity of your choice. It’s always great to see the many cars to choose from and watching those leaving and arrive back with such big grins on their faces. Just as I arrived in the hall it was being announced that there was one slot that had freed up for a ride in a Mustang GT500 Eleanor – It was going to be someone’s lucky day! This year they raised a brilliant £34,000-£36,000.

Moving through halls things were getting bigger, and by bigger I mean that we’d hit the Classic American stalls. Though my knowledge lackens I’ve always loved American cars, they’re simply amazing to look at for their shapes, sizes and detail.

Straight out of America and in to Germany I’m taken to a land where I could chew ears off for hours – Volkswagens. This Historic Volkswagens club, Volkswagen Owners Club of GB, and the Split Screen Van club make an appearance each year but never fail to surprise with their collection of aircooled wonders on display. I then spot the car that typically to the untrained eye on a possible dark night, is often mistaken for a VW Beetle, the Morris Minor. There was no mistaking these though, 6 Morris barn finds that were found 16 weeks ago in one families back garden in Kent all from around the 1930’s and in amazing condition.

We get so use to seeing recovery vehicles on the roads but have you ever wondered about vehicle recovery back in the day? Being from Leicester ourselves it was exciting to see a 1931 Ford AA truck with ‘Unity Garage Leicester’ written on the side of it. An absolute gem that was in excellent condition, and also appeared in the Leicester Mercury 4 days later after being sent out as a gesture to recover an Austin 7

As with each year there are prizes to be won for the best cars and the judges certainly had their work cut out with so many great cars to choose from. The winners were as follows:

Meguiar’s Club Showcase winner: Bill Donaldson of South Yorkshire with 1966 Austin Healey 3000 Mk3.

Bauer Media’s Classic Car of the Year winner: Howard Rathbone from West Yorkshire with his 1969 Jaguar E Type Series II that he’s owned for 35 years and rebuilt the entire car.

Classic American Car of the Year winner: Gavin Shaw from Farnborough with his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28.

Car of the Show: Gifford Wright’s 1935 Singer Le Mans in which Betty Haig won the 1936

Olympic RallyClub of the Year: MX-5 Owners’ ClubClub Personality of the Year: Steve Guest, Warwickshire and West Midlands regional organiser for the TVR Car Club

The Car that melts the judges’ hearts: Ian Kellett’s Standard Vanguard race transporter and Vanguard Racer

Most interesting selection of cars: Club Peugeot UK

Andy Rouse, Show Manager, said: “2011 has surpassed all our expectations and once again the bar has been raised in terms of the cars, the bikes, and the overall presentation. From seeing the traders in action and business being done at the show, it proves the UK classic motoring movement continues to be bouyant in the current economic climate. “For the fifth year running, TV’s Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer and Edd China worked tirelessly to entertain the crowds, with the live stage offering standing room only, all day, everyday. We were also delighted with the visitor’s response to the appearance of Carl Fogarty and Frankie Chili in the Classic Motorbike Show, as it continues to develop and grow. “We’d like to thank visitors, exhibitors, motoring clubs and all involved for their tremendous support and look forward to welcoming everyone back from 16th to 18th November 2012.”


The British Music Experience

Friday 13th August 2010
The O2 Arena, London

The British Music Experience does exactly what it says on the tin, it takes you on a journey of music genres, artists and the different types of transmissions from 1945 – 2010.

Upon entering you are shown a short video of what to expect inside and what you can do to get interactive. Not only does the ticket you purchased gain you entrance but it also gives you something to take away. Your ticket is also a smart ticket so as you go round the experience you can swipe your ticket on as many of the 50 smart points that you like and the content is automatically stored, so when you head home and log onto the website you can enter your ticket number and collect your content which is yours to keep.

Heading in to the experience you are faced with a large round area that has lots of interactive things to do in the centre, including a ‘Where It’s At’ large map that you can control and pin point different areas within the UK and find out information about the different music venues and it’s history along with artists that have played there. There’s a mini dome called ‘Dance The Decades’ where you can enter and create your own dance moves to a song, which is then recorded for you to play back and watch. If you are interested in the history of transmission then there is an interesting section of old TV’s and radios, which follow on to the history of playback, including the record, cassette, mini disks and right up to the iPod generation. As well as all of this there are also stations where you can put on headphones and listen to the history of transmission from 1945 – 2010, selecting the years of interest.

There are 7 different edge zones around the outside of the experience which you can enter in any order that you like, although it makes sense to start from 1945 heading through to 2009 as it gives you great in depth information on how music has changed through the era’s and how we have ended up where we are today.

The first edge zone is a Gibson interactive room. Inside you will find different instruments hooked up to earphones that you can sit and play and only you will be able to hear, including guitars and drum sets. There is also a vocal sound booth if you fancy testing out your singing voice. You will also find lots of history along the walls, including history of Gibson and their instruments.

Moving on you then start to head through the different era’s starting with 1945 – 1962. Inside you will find lots of information and memorabilia behind glass from lots of different artists of the era. This era focuses on artists such as Joe Brown, Johnny Kidd, Billy Fury, Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde. It also focuses highly on skiffle, which was known as the start of British rock music. More artists include Chas McDevitt, Ken Coyler’s Jazzmen, Lonnie Donegan and The City Ramblers Skiffle Group. As you view the memorabilia there is also an interactive piano at the front of each of the glass areas where you can put on the headphones and use the piano keys to select the different numbered pieces of memorabilia and listen to information and history about each of the items. You can do this in each of the different edge areas, not forgetting to scan your smart ticket to take the information home with you. As well as this, at the back of each of the edge zones there is an interactive album selection that is viewed on a large screen, and you can select different albums from the different years of that era and listen to tracks and artist history.

1962 – 1966 – Moving onto a favourable era of when we are introduced to The Beatles. There are lots of fantastic pieces of memorabilia including records, clothing, old tickets, authentic wigs and the MB board game called Flip Your Wig. Carrying on you can read information about what was known as the Atlantic crossing, which involves British and American artists and the roots of today’s music. There is also a section about a new breed of girl singers and successful British female artists, which includes Dusty Springfield and dresses owned and worn by her, Lulu, Cilla Black, Sandie Shaw and Petula Clark. Before leaving there is also memorabilia from The Who, Georgie Fame, The Animals, The Rolling Stones and Yardbirds.

1967 was known as the summer of love so as you head in to the 1966 – 1970 zone you are also heading in to the psychedelic era. Artists include The Kinks, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Jethro Hull. Memorabilia includes copies of the International Times, which was an underground newspaper that you couldn’t buy in shops. There is also the jumpsuit that was designed by Ossie Clark and worn by Mick Jaggar and the bass guitar that was played by Bill Wyman. To sum up this zone I would quote “Greater instrumental virtuosity and imprecision became the order of the day – the mid 60’s transformed world music styles” which you can read about along with other information within this era.

1970 – 1976 starts off with lots of great pieces about David Bowie, including the outfit worn in the Diamond Dogs North American tour and his thin white duke outfit. There is also the fringed suit worn by Roger Daultry and the famous white jacket and trouser suit worn by Freddie Mercury on the 1986 Magic Tour. It then moves in to what was known as the glam era with Spade, T.Rex and The Sweet.

The punk era 1976 – 1985 of course has to be started off with the Sex Pistols. There is lots of information about what the band achieved in that era and you can also see the iconic tartan suit that was worn by Johnny Rotten. The Damned, Sham 69, Buzzcocks and The Slits are also included. On the opposite side you can see the newspaper suit that was worn by Madness on the (Waiting for the) Ghost Train video. There is also the Yamagata SG 2000 that was played by David Hinds and David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes Pierrot outfit. There is also an interactive section known as Rock Galaxy where you can touch the different record labels to explore the genre and music. Genres include pub rock, punk, jazz rock, stadium rock, soft rock, glam, prog rock, rockabilly and krautrock.

1985 – 1993 talks about the great divide and you can view items such as the painted Rickenbacker guitar and outfit worn by Mani from the Stone Roses. Ozzy’s Black Sabbath stage cape can also be seen.

1993 – 2009 brings us to the end of the zones and bang up-to-date with some fantastic items to be seen such as the union jack epiphany guitar that was played by Noel Gallagher. For those Spice Girls fans you can see the bustier and leather trousers worn by Victoria Beckham, green and purple track suit worn by Mel C, union jack dress worn by Geri, pink boxing robe worn by Emma and the leopard print cat suit worn by Mel B during their 2007 reunion tour.

In the centre of each of these zones there are ‘Talk Tables’ which has famous artists from those eras talking about the music styles. They include skiffle, rock n’ roll, mersybeat, RNB, 60’s clubs, rock art, reggae, ska, punk, live aid, DJ’s, dance and urban.

Overall the experience is fantastic. I personally learnt a lot about the eras and came away with a greater understanding about how music has progressed, plus there is still plenty to be seen that hasn’t been mentioned.


The Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas

Tuesday 13th April 2010


Frank Sinatra – Tam Ward
Sammy Davie Jr – Matthew Henry
Dean Martin – Nigel Casey

For 6 nights only, three of the most famous members of the Rat Pack are recreated and play the stage at the Curve, Leicester; otherwise known as the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas.

Back in the 1950’s and 60’s Frank, Sammy and Dean were three of the most famous members of The Rat Pack and biggest entertainers in the world. Played by Tam Ward (Frank Sinatra), Matthew Henry (Sammy Davie Jr) and Nigel Casey (Dean Martin), the audience were captured and astounded as the stage was graced with suits, smiles and songs.

Frank, Franky, Sinatra, Old Blue Eyes (which ever nickname you chose) was the first to grace the stage and kicked the night off with The Lady is a Tramp and Luck Be A Lady (Tonight). Just as the audience was feeling content, yet blown away with the looks and vocals; Sammy came jumping out with excitement (quite literally) on to the stage with Black Magic. Matthew Henry captured the energy that was always one of Sammy’s stage features, perfectly. A couple more numbers, including one of his most famous, Mr. Bojangles, then followed this before Dean Martin came on stage. Nigel Casey was one of the most memorable members of the night, and that wasn’t just because of his drunken antics but because he also had a handsome smile that no one could forget.

For the rest of the evening a similar structure was kept to with each of the guys singing a few numbers, but also a couple of duets happened between Sammy & Dean, and Frank and Dean. But of course, no Rat Pack show would be complete without the trio singing together, which was just how the show was played out with A Foggy Day.

The whole evening was structured just like the night as it originally happened back in Las Vegas. Cigarettes and alcohol were consumed along side many of the performances, which then led to the second half including a few drunken antics. The Burrelli Sisters performed along side the pack and a live band; known as The Rat Pack band were the perfect addition to a perfect performance. It really was spectacular to have a live band play all evening.

If you ever have the opportunity to see The Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas – go see it. You will leave feeling having had a great night. The only thing I was missing was a Martini and a cocktail dress.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

20th February 2010
De Montfort Hall, Leicester


Narrator (Mark Curry)
Frank ‘N’ Furter (David Bedella)
Brad (Richard Meek)
Janet (Haley Flaherty)
Eddie/Dr Scott (Nathan Amzi)
Columbia (Ceris Hine)
Usherette/Magenta (Kara Lane)
Riff-Raff (Brian McCann)
Rocky (Dominic Tribuzio
Phantom (Stuart Ellis)
Phantom (Marc Leslie)
Phantom (Charlotte Scott)
Phantom/Dance Captain (Henry Davis)
Phantom (Daniela Valvano)

Directed by Christopher Luscombe.

It’s astounding, time is fleeting… because the Rocky Horror Picture Show is only running for 6 days at Leicester, Demonfort Hall from Monday 15th – Saturday 20thFebruary 2010.

The Rocky Horror Show was released in 1975 and is an adaption of the original stage production that first started in 1973. Richard O’Brien is the author of the stage show, who you may know most famously from the 1990’s TV show Crystal Maze.

Janet and Brad have recently got engaged, and on a drive out one evening end up with a flat tyre. They decide to stop at a nearby castle to ask to use the phone where they find themselves caught up in an Annual Transylvania Convention. The party has been held to unveil Doctor Frank ‘N’ Furters latest creation ‘Rocky’ who has been created to give pleasure. Brad and Janet are invited to stay the night and are sent to separate rooms where during the evening Frank seduces them both by disguising himself as the other partner.

Meanwhile, Doctor Scott arrives looking for Eddie who was earlier killed by Frank. Doctor Scott then finds out that Frank is actually an alien who was sent from the planet Transsexual in the Transylvanian Galaxy to create a sonic transducer, which he was successful in.

The story unveils and the songs continue which is followed by everybody getting frozen, which then results in the death of Frank and Columbia and their castle blasting off.

For 37 years the Rocky Horror Show has been seen by many people, often more than once up and down the UK and it continues to be a success. Fans came in their masses, both male and female of all ages dressed in corsets, high heels, fishnet tights, wigs and make-up, and embraced the musical from start to finish. As soon as the narrator (Mark Curry) came on stage with his witty comments whilst telling the story of The Rocky Horror Show the audience were laughing, and as soon as the Time Warp started playing everyone was out of their seats and joining in. The actors did a brilliant job, because the acting, dancing and singing was spot on.

All of the songs were sung including favourites such as ‘Time Warp’, ‘Sweet Transvestite’ and ‘I Can Make You A Man’.


The Lieutenant of Inishmore

10th February 2010
The Curve Theatre, Leicester


Donny (Eoin McCarthy)
Davey (Patrick Moy)
Padraic (Sam Roukin)
Mareid (Amy Molloy)
Christy (Kevin Murphy)
Brendan (Joe Renton)
Joey (Calum Callaghan)

Directed by Paul Kerryson and written by Martin McDonagh.

Following on from the success of The Pillowman In 2009 at Leicester’s Curve theatre, director Paul Kerryson along with writer Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Six Shooter) bring us their latest comedy The Lieutenant of Inishmore.

Set on the island of Inishmore in Ireland there is a murder. A cat was knocked over and brutally hit in the head causing obscene injuries, but this isn’t just any cat, this is Wee Thomas.

Wee Thomas was Padraic’s cat who had been his only friend for 15 years and had been left in the care of his father Donny, who was terribly scared to learn of Wee Thomas’s death and convinced Davey to admit that it was him who ran over the cat with his push bike, when all he did was spot him on the roadside and bring him home.

News spreads fast to Davey’s sister, Mareid who threatened to shoot him. Mareid never leaves without her gun and even shot 15 cows eyes out from a distance so that they couldn’t be sold at the market.

So, why is it that Donny and Davey are so scared to tell Padraic that his beloved cat is no more? Not only was Wee Thomas his best friend, but Padraic was capable of doing just as much damage to another human. He tortured and cut off the toenails of a known drug pusher whilst being hung from their feet and even threatened to cut off their nipple.

We follow this gruesome comedy and we learn what really happened to Wee Thomas and why when Christy and his two sons Brendan and Joey come to visit Padraic as soon as he arrives home. Donny and Davey have a plan to disguise another cat as Wee Thomas, but where exactly did this other cat come from and will Padraic know the difference?

The performance is gripping; so don’t let all that gore fool you because it will guarantee to keep you laughing all the way to the end. There is nothing predictable about the show with many twists and turns to the story. The actors were impressive, and it can be said that without true Irish blood in you the accent can be hard to pull off but the accent was spot on with short vowels and raised inflection.

If you’re a cat lover beware, you may appreciate certain scenes, or you may even want to join in!